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mudvayne34 USA Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551KL
Firmware/APP Version: unknown
Frequency of Occurrence: 1700/2100
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Last edited by mudvayne34 on 2016/8/29 19:57

I am trying to bring a ZE551KL back to life. It does have access to fastboot and adb (using a Linux laptop) and twrp on the device itself and now stock recovery.

The goal is to restore stock firmware and eventually have it updated to the newest firmware (6.0.1)

There is an SD card in the device with various versions of the stock firmware, but it fails to install via twrp - error message is:
can't install this M package (July 22) (sic)... L less than 20160426 build (July 15). This was using the latest *.1794 stock firmware file.
When I try to use an older package (*.1531) it errors on the device SKU:
Device image SKU: (blank)
OTA image SKU: WW
Please use the right SKU for updating.

Attempting update via stock boot: This package is for Z00T devices; this is a "Z00L".
However - even under the battery, the model says Z00TD

viewed the logs and it did identify as Z00T previously so it seems somewhere along the way, it got changed? I'm guessing I need the stock files to get it back to where it was. Having trouble finding them online though.

Any help on getting this back to stock would be appreciated. If I've missed any important information, please advise. Thanks in advance!

mudvayne34 USA Level 1 | All posts
wow, what a shy group!  not a single reply. ah well, I ended up fixing it myself anyway.
ISR Level 2 | All posts
Can you please share some info of how you did the magic? I'm stuck in a bootloop
USA Level 1 | All posts
Yes! Please share! My ZE551KL is dead in the water. Not really, but figuratively. All I've got is Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM10) drivers installed, and the device I know is being read through device manager through that port. But I can't get the .xml file to load in QFIL. Where is the file? I don't know? I've looked just about everywhere but can't seem to find that or the stock image recovery or stock ROM. Please help! Somebody!
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