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[Resolved] [App] missing move to SD card option

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seanmark277 CAN Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551KL
Firmware/APP Version: 6.0.1
Frequency of Occurrence: missing move to SD card option
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: missing move to SD card option
Screenshot: -
Missing move apps to SD card after system update to Marshmallow. Which is stupid. NOW WE CAN'T MOVE APPS TO AS CARD. What's the point of having sd card option.

TWN Level 5 | All posts
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APPs2SD wasn't removed by ASUS, it was Google.
It has been a roller coaster ride with Google when it comes to microSD support. Their main phones don’t even support them, and plenty of manufacturers are following suit with this. Overall, support has been coming and going.

It’s currently hard to find a phone with a microSD slot, but if you do have one, you are in for a treat. Android 6.0 Marshmallow supports what they call “adoptable storage”.

But what does that even mean? In a nutshell, you can insert a microSD card and format it to work with your device alone. This does mean it will no longer work with other devices, but the benefit here is that the storage will be treated as if it was internal. Apps and other content will be installed directly to the card. It will become an extension of your internal storage.

Source: Android 6.0 Marshmallow features (Android Authority)

A newly inserted SD card or other secondary storage media can be designated as either "portable" or "internal" storage. "Portable" maintains the default behavior of previous Android versions, treating the media as a secondary storage device for storage of user files, and the storage media can be removed or replaced without repercussions, but is subject to access restrictions by apps.[15][16] When designated as "Internal" storage, the storage media is reformatted with an encrypted ext4 file system, and is "adopted" by the operating system as the primary storage partition. Existing data (including applications and "private" data folders) are migrated to the external storage, and normal operation of the device becomes dependent on the presence of the media. Apps and operating system functions will not function properly if the adopted storage device is removed. If the user loses access to the storage media, the adopted storage can be "forgotten", which makes the data permanently inaccessible.[15] Samsung and LG have, however, removed the ability to use an SD card as "internal" storage on their Galaxy S7 and G5 devices, with Samsung arguing that the feature could result in unexpected losses of data, and prevents users from being able to transfer data using the card.

Source: Android Marshmallow (Wikipedia)

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ASUS removed the option to format the sd card as "internal" storage on the ZE551kl..
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bigbw posted on 2016/7/24 19:39
ASUS removed the option to format the sd card as "internal" storage on the ZE551kl..

Read these post to clear your doubt. Maybe you will understand the fact behind the adoptable storage. Links are here.
For those who are asking for SD card as Adoptable storage

Do you really want to adopt your SD card as part of the system?
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Formating as internal is only way, not sure why no one would help you but here you go sean
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