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[More Information Needed] [Camera] No autofocus in video mode when recording in Auto.

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: -
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: 60Hz
Rooted: No
APP Name: Camera
Screenshot: -
The video camera does not autofocus when recording video in Auto mode.  Have to tap on the touchscreen to refocus as scenes change.  When it's not autofocusing i can also confirm this condition by looking at the laser lens and see that the small blinking red light is off, it should be ON and blinking during normal autofocusing function.
Currently the only work around to this bug is to do the following:

1. Start video recording in Auto mode.
2.  While recording, tap on the "M" button, which will open the focusing scroll bar, then tap on the "A" button within the focusing scrollbar.
3. Now autofocusing works for the current video recording session.
4. If video recording is stopped and restarted, you must follow steps 1 and 2 to re-enable autofocusing.

Please fix this bug.
Hello zeniu17
Have you tried clear data and cache of the camera app?
Also, uninstall all update of the camera app, then reinstall them again
Thank you
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