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Introduction to ProArt Creator Hub (User Guide)

ASUS is always looking into user experience and looking for wonderful Utility to let user feel greater UI. Here to create an innovative software called ProArt Creator Hub which provides couple of fucntionality to facilitate creator enjoying their creation life.

When you activat the Hub, you will observe several interface icons, such as DashBoard / Color Calibration / WorkSmart /Setting icons which marked in red-square remark.


In DashBoard : 

- it reveals couple of information which monitor system status, i.e. Syetem platform information (CPU type / GPU type / Graphics Chip type) under two different conditions (Normal vs. Rendering), as well as other informaiton, such as Color Calibration / Memory /Storage / Fan Load / Tsk Group / CPU load.


In Color Calibration:

- To get started calibration process, there are several items which have to be done such as : Step1, Advance Preparation ; then Go to Step2 , Start Calibration.



- Now , we're getting into fomally calibration process , and we support the colormeter, X rite i1Dispaly Pro for now. And ASUS will keep assessment to support other famous coloremeters in the futher.


- Place the colormeter as figure, and then start to doing calibration. And it will take almost 1 min 30 sec to complete entire process.



- When it completes the calibration process, it shows the report with two pages to demonstrate the results after calibrating.

- As well, there are 4 options to click respectively:

  1.     Show Pattern   : it will do the comparison between " Before" vs. "After" .
  2.     Export Report  : it outputs the report as PDF format.
  3.     Apply               : it apply new profile to replace previous one.
  4.     Cancel              : Skip off the process and return to predashboard screen.


In WorkSmart :

- ASUS provides additional smart interface to group the software / App you're using. And you could activate the group to faciliate and expedite these App at the same time.


In Setting icon:

- ASUS provides an easy-way to let user change language you want ams relevant utility information.







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