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ASUS Fingerprint-How to use

1. First Use

•      If your account never register fingerprint, it will guide you to register first

•      You should input your windows password to set up fingerprint

•      You have to set up your Windows password before using this application.


2. Register Fingerprint

•      If you account don’t have password, it will help you setup it

•      You can click the “+” to create fingerprint

•      You should scan twice to successfully register fingerprint

•      You can click “how to scan a fingerprint” to learn

•      ress “Next” after recording a fingerprint

3. Create Boot Key

•      You must create a boot key. You can use the key to login system in emergency

•      After registering, user should enable this function

•      If user enable this function, he/she should use registered fingerprint to login Windows


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