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[Replied] [System] Zenfone deluxe bootloop problem

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ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZS570KL(Deluxe)
Firmware/App Version: N/A as of the moment
Location: Philippines
Frequency of Occurrence: -
Rooted: No
App Name: -
Screenshot: -
Description: Zenfone 3 delixe problem with nougat and oreo update.
Bootloop problem resulting to "cooked motherboard".
I want to repost this because i want to post some updates re my concern. I hope someone from ASUS will look into this and provide solutions. Please look at my previous post for the screenshot of the firmware before I managed to update it with Oreo and totally "cooked" the motherboard. Thank you.
I got a zenfone 3 deluxe with nougat os and after it got an automatic update for taiwan CHT VoLTE support and battery optimization,it suddenly went to bootloop. Sometimes it stayed into the asus logo then a bootloop. I tried to do hard reset but it got a locked bootloader so it can only do a fastboot but theres nothing i can do with it. I managed to open it a couple of times,i even successfully resetted it but it always hang most of the time.i let the battery drained over time,i left it untouched for couple of months, 8 months to be exact since it failed to boot properly. I managed to open it and took a shot of its details then it hang again. I cant risk updating it to oreo since it always go into bootloop. Im from the Philippines and i bought it abroad so i dont know if it has proper support since the unit was not introduced in my country. Bootloop problem usually starts when the unit begins to feel a little hot on upper area near the fingerprint scanner/camera. Then it will hang and bootloop will start. Is there a solution to this problem? Asus should be aware of this and consideration must be taken seriously since the problrm came from the update.asus should fix this,or give some sort of compensation or replacement since the problem came right after the update.
ASUS and fellow deluxe users,

I reposted my previous concern to refresh you and to update and share what happened to my unit. I mentioned earlier about the problem after i update my unit with the nougat OS from ASUS. So i left my phone untouched again for couple of weeks and tried to open it again. The bootloop continued, but as i said,sometimes i managed to open it. I thought it was just the firmware so i decided to update it to Oreo. The update went smoothly and successfuly. It opened after the update, for 15mins only.and the bootloop started again. And stayed at bootloop state up to this moment.thats the reason why theres no screenshot of the firmware version but it was the latest Oreo update from ASUS. I updated it last mid-december 2018. So i decided to follow the moderator's instruction and i visited the nearest service center. Since i bought it abroad, they told me it was out of warranty. They checked my unit,even the supervisor commented that its like brand new,without any marks or scratches, no dents or any marks that it was accidentally dropped or any user inflicted damage. They checked the unit and came up with two repair options:
1. Reflash the unit with the OS
2. Replace the motherboard.

I agreed to reflash the OS,they sent the unit to the main service center branch and i was told that reflashing did not repaired the unit. They told me that the solution is to replace the motherboard. I asked what happened since i just updated its OS, they told me that some deluxe users sent their units with the same problem as mine after the update,meaning im not the only one with the same unit problem. 

I declined to replace the phone's motherboard simply because i will shoulder the repair cost. For info, i bought this unit as brand new for $673 USD, or ₱35,000.00 Philippine currency. Here in my country, ₱35,000.00 is not a cheap phone.

The motherboard replacement will cost me $369.20 or ₱19,200.00. clearly more than half of the original price for the parts replacement only, and i must EMPHASIZE that the problem was not due to MISUSE, ABUSE OR MISHANDLING but because of SYSTEM UPDATE. I asked the service center and they said that they aleady encountered the same problem with SOME units, soci assumed that mine is not an ISOLATED CASE.THE SYSTEM UPDATE "COOKED" THE UNIT'S MOTHERBOARD. 

So, dear ASUS what can you do for me to make my phone usable again? I believe zentalk is created for the costumers to share and let you know what are the problems of your products. I think I have the right to ask you,not just me but those peopñe who encountered the same problem with their phone. Im not against your company, i just want to get the value of my hard earned money that i used to buy your product. That is why Im letting you know what happened to my unit, because i bought it as brand new,unfortunately i was not able to find my receipt,but i have the box,and all the accessories included when i bought it.
I think im not the only one who with the same concern. Just look at the forum and you will find lots of people complaining about the same or related concerns, and its from different country. I will keep this thread active until such time that someone from ASUS put actions re this concern and hopefully consider some solution to the UNACCEPTABLE DAMAGE TO MY UNIT BECAUSE CUSTOMERS ARE PAYING WITH THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY and I personally cannot accept that this is what i got from my money, clearly without any misuse,abuse nor i mishandled  my phone in any way. Its not rooted, and i used it normally for internet and calls as it was built for that purposes.
This is my deluxe, as you can see that it looks like almost brand new. The white glare at the screen is the reflection of the camera flash.
The sticker at the back of the unit with the European Conformity sticker is intact and not damaged in any way, just to point out that the unit is almost new.
So ASUS, WHAT WILL BE THE SOLUTION FOR THIS? Now my phone is useless, and i bought it so im expecting some kind of solution from your side and i hope this phone will not be a "paperweight"  forever. I dont want to let this pass and just forget because this is unfair for a customer like me who bought your product and paid for the price that you(ASus) want. 

Thank you.
Hello there,

So ASUS, no reply from your end as to what will be your solution to this? I think its not fair enough for you guys to keep silent about this. I think those people who experienced these problems with your products deserved some kind of solution. Still waiting for anyone who will answer from your end.
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Hi robertalvez0814

Sorry for our late reply.
Please provide your serial number, repair number, name and phone in box, thank you.
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