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[Reported] [Others] No update from Asus for Intel SA-00125

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stanisluv RUS Level 1 | All posts
NB Bug Report
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Firmware update for Intel MEI Vulnerability
Model: N752VX
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No
Screenshot: -
Intel was notified of an issue with the Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine (Intel® CSME) firmware. An attacker with physical access could do the following on an individual platform:
  • Bypass Intel® CSME anti-replay protection, thus allowing potential brute force attacks on secrets stored inside the Intel CSME;
  • Gain unauthorized access to the Intel® Management Engine BIOS Extension (Intel® MEBX) password;
  • Tamper with the integrity of the Intel® CSME file system directories or the Server Platform Services and Trusted Execution Environment (Intel® TXE) data files.
See Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00125 for further details.

The Intel SA-00125 Detection tool is available in Download Center to assist customers in determining if systems are vulnerable to this issue.

This issue impact Consumer products.

Mitigations described in INTEL-SA-00086 do not prevent the issue since a user with physical access to the system may be able to roll back to an earlier Intel® CSME firmware affected by CVE-2017-5705, CVE-2017-5706 and CVE-2017-5707.

Current firmware version Issue was fixed in 11.8.55

So I guess customers (and I) need new update for Intel MEI
TWN ZenCare | All posts
Hi Stanisluv
   Good day , I will pass your request to related department, thank you.
stanisluv RUS Level 1 | All posts

Stil do you have any news from related department or this model too old for any updates?
IND Level 5 | All posts
thanks for  information , actually  i  esculated  same issue six months before  , i  emailed too  asus support  and  asus  security  team , but  no use at  all . They  are not  taking care  customers  privacy and  security concerns.
They only concentrating,  releasing new  laptops  and  motherbaod  with old  drivers .
More  over i took  risk  and  i  updated   latest  intel ME  firmware,  which is  downloaded  from internet  from trusted site  .

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