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[Resolved] [Others] My N580VD has fan problems? And what about temperature?

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Fan problems? And high temperature...
Model: N580VD
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot: -
Last edited by andreapisano1988 on 2018/8/3 10:40

Hi,I've bought a Asus N580VD one week ago. It's the model with 16gb, 4k display and SSd 512gb + HDD 1000gb.

I have 2 problems.

1) Fans. They both works (I can fell the air coming out) but even in idle I can feel the vibration of the right fan (under the enter kety etc) and I don't feel the vibration of the left fan (on Q/W keys). Is it normal? When I play games I can feel and hear both but the right one more.

2) Temperatures. In my home there are 26/28 degrees, I have the notebook free under (I've put it on 4 more feet to let the air come under it). I have try a lot of software to read temperatures. I get:
- Idle 39/43° average 41°
- Using internete (videos, Facebook etc.) 45/55° average 50°
- Using games (like Wow at 7/10 graphic) 75/95° average 83° and if I lower the graphic then I can get 70/80°. 95° was the max temperature but only for 1 second, it's 83 average.

I contacted Asus for both problems but first time the operator said that I should send it to Asus, the second operator said that is normal (fan and temperatures) but when I searched in web I never saw the fan problems that I have, and who had similar temperatures had got a notebook to replace or, sometimes, people say that this temperatures are normal.

What should I do? Should I return it to Amazon or take it to Asus?
I've format the pc two times and it seems not to be a software problem.

Sorry my bad english, I'm Italian..

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Dear Andrea:
    Good day , thank you for your feedback , according to your description , I can't see any abnormal temp and fan action on your device .
But I will pass to related department for further checking, thank you.
TWN ZenCare | All posts
Dear Andrea
     Answer as below:
1. Singel fun run in idle or lite loading , This function follow ASUS design to manage power.
2.All temperature of above are normal.
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