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[Replied] [Power/Battery] Charging stops with portable charger

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE550KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_V21.40.1220.1708
Frequency of Occurrence: Often
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Actual device is ZE551KL, It wasn't showing on list(mobile site) so I picked closest. Also has been happening since I first got the phone with the original Stock ROM.

Interesting little charging problem; not sure if this is something that can be addressed in the OS or if it's part of the firmware, or is part of the hardware in the charge circuit and thus unfixable:

TL: DR version: When the power input balances with the power consumption (i.e. all power from USB cable is going to running device and none into the battery) the charging circuit may stop accepting power (especially if using a portable battery, as portable batteries usually turn themselves off if they detect little or no draw, and then require manual input to turn back on, whereas wall chargers just keep on trying to charge)

Long version plus my steps for deduction:

While playing a game like Ingress or Pokémon Go (which use a LOT of juice), I usually have a portable charger plugged in. Occasionally the phone gets into a mode where it will only charge for about 5 seconds and then it stops. I have to turn the portable charger back on and it stops again after 5 seconds. This repeats and gets quite annoying. If the draw exceeds the charge input, it will sometimes behave this way or simply continue using power from both USB and battery. This problem has happened with several portable chargers, and I've check the chargers with my friend's phones (different models) and tablets, and they never have a problem. So, I got the Ampere app to try and monitor the mAh draw/charge rate.

The Ampere app seems to tell me that max current which the Z00T allows over USB is 1.500Ah, which is 600mAh less than the charger's claimed max output of 2.1Ah. I'm not sure where I can verify that info. I have confirmed that the primary portable charger I use (Juiced Systems 24,000mAh PCB-01) is actually capable of putting out the claimed 2.1A consistently even when close to being empty itself. The Ampere app shows about how much mAh are going in or out of the battery. i.e. If 1500mAh are coming over cable, and 400 are used for the device to run, then Ampere would show ~1100 for going into the battery. It also provides a little notification status that keeps an approximate charge/consumption rate displayed.

While playing Pokémon go, I have seen Ampere show 0mAh to 30mAh charge rate, and then charging quits. Thus my theory that the phone gets into a state where it thinks there's no charge coming in and stops accepting the charge.
Hello Gamilus
Have you considered the percentage of power the battery had at the time when it shut the charging due to low current?
One of the characteristics of Li-ion battery is that when charging is nearly complete to the full power voltage, the charging current will decrease slowly. In graph, it would look like a slope. Some portable chargers can detect current flow and determine whether to close charging process or not if the current is low, so it would cut off itself thinking that the charging process has finished. Thank you
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