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seanmark277 posted on 2016/7/24 07:00
we need move to SD card option in ZE551KL,  we can't move apps to sd card any more.

Please check your thread.
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WAZE problem

Last edited by holoduke on 2016/7/26 08:38

WAZE Navigation software started pronouncing only partial directions after M update.
- In 1000 feet, turn right -> speaks In One feet, turn right. (Skipped pronouncing "TOUHSAND")

Uninstalled and reinstalled WAZE several times, but still getting the same issue. It works fine on my wife's non-asus phone.
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After major pain in ass getting the update install I am under whelmed. I tried and tried to get AdU h nvm
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i just updated to marshmallow, came on here to say that my battery life has been shattered by the new update..

i haven't changed anything, just straight updated and installed the latest firmware available on the support site for ze551kl.....battery life is dropping a lot faster

this is after 2 days worth of usage....i don't think it's an soon as i started using it, the battery was dropping at abotu %1 per 10 minutes just browsing the internet...

another issue is the battery was draining while charging from the wall...whereas before, the battery would actually increase in charge
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