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[Replied] Zenfone2 laser ZE551KL 3GB RAM needs more RAM

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davelen USA Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by davelen on 2016/5/16 11:59

My Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL 3GB memory,   needs more RAM. I am having hang-ups trying to watch videos on my phone. (On Wi-Fi or 4g) Or have more than two programs open at once. It has done this since it was new. Maybe I should have went with the 802.11AC Model ZE551ML. But I liked the idea of a removable battery.  

SGP Level 5 | All posts
Did you but the 2G or 3G model? But I find it funny because my 2GRam  ZenFone 5 never hang while watching videos or having 3~10 apps opens.
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
You have probably lots of useless apps running in background
Do following things::
1)Use boost feature In notification menu,to free up RAM
2) use auto start manager to deny apps and prevent their fr starting in background
3)reboot once  every 2-3 days,it helps to clear up cache.
Hello davelen
Please refer to vaibhavnarain11's post

Also, please refer to the thread below for memory management:

Thank you
davelen USA Level 1 | All posts
Been there done that. It shows between 68%&75% Memory used after boosting.  
CAN Level 2 | All posts
3 gigs of ram is more than enough, hell 2 gigs of ram is more than enough.  you're doing it wrong
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