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[More Information Needed] [System] BUG - "Message Not Sent" Notification Keeps Appearing

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jas4u posted on 2016/2/4 02:26
Wow, Asus is aware of the issue but not able to fix it. Instead, telling us to get another app bec ...

I got a new update last night it's not Marshmallow, but who knows if that would actually be better?  It's really hard to pin down if these problems are related to Google or ASUS.  I really don't care for Google.  I heard there's intrest in an Ubuntu phone.  I think that could be a better OS than Android, but it's an open question for sure.  I just would like a phone where it was easy to adjust the settings and then they would stick.
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I experienced this problem myself where I had a message that did not send and then I got the persistent "message not sent" notification. To get rid of it, all I did was hit "mark all as read". Finally went away.
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