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[Resolved] [System] Zenfone 2 Models & Update Query

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gino76ph PHL Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
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Hi there. I would like to buy a Zenfone 2 Laser phone. I'm aware they are not officially released for the Uk but i would like to ask"
1. What;s the difference between the Zenfone 2 & the Zenfone 2 Laser? Are the differences incremental or necessary?
2. Why so many models? And what model i need to get if its UK/EU and 4G/LTE?
3. If a phone is not officially released in the UK will Asus still issue updates via over the air?

Please advice. Thanks.
COL Level 3 | All posts
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Zenfone 2 series include Intel Atom processors. Zenfone 2 Laser series include Qualcomm processors. other diference is the ra, cameras, screen size.
gino76ph PHL Level 1 | All posts
Would you go for the Intel or Qualcomm ones?

I'm still confused as there are atleast 4-6 different models of the Zenfone 2 Laser. Which one to choose?

And would you know if Asus will continue to support these phones albeit not being officially available?
COL Level 3 | All posts
the difference is the price. In Laser editions the ram and processors is the diferences. also the availability in the country.
Asus announces that all Zenfone 2 devices series will receive the Android 6.0.!
TWN Level 5 | All posts
   This reply is the best answer.   
Here you can find all Zenfone Laser models: ASUS Phones (GSMArena)
There you can also compare the different models:

The availability may vary from country to country and/or the release is scheduled at a later time.
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gino76ph PHL Level 1 | All posts
I have been comparing the Zenfone phones on GSmArena. But i got more confused than ever. Yes i realise the difference in RAM and processors but which global or international models would you guys go for?
Hello gino76ph,
That mostly depends on your needs
Whether you need a bigger screen or a faster CPU or a bigger RAM or something else.
Would you use it for mostly playing games or taking photos and selfies? Or a lot of multi-tasking?
gino76ph PHL Level 1 | All posts
I would be happy with a 2GB RAM and one that would work in UK 4G/LTE bands hence i am asking about models as there are plenty.

I would be mostly using it for normal news, weather, social networking (so camera speed & quality is very important), listening to music (mostly thru earphones) and casual games to pass the time.

So, any advice please?
USA Level 2 | All posts
gino76ph posted on 2015/12/22 06:26
I would be happy with a 2GB RAM and one that would work in UK 4G/LTE bands hence i am asking about m ...

The model that I have is the ZenFone2 Laser ZE551KL.

I can't speak to UK specifics, but if you plan to use the phone with listening to music over Bluetooth (headphones, in-car, etc.) I recommend the 3GB version. My experience has been that if you've had a lot of apps open or do a lot of google searching these take up cache memory quickly and when you hit 400MB of RAM left Bluetooth audio stutters horribly as the OS attempts to clean things up. I have the 3GB version and it's annoying but manageable by clearing up google searches out of recent app list. I can only imagine that on the 2GB version it'd be unavoidable. Perhaps the marshmallow release will fix this.

This memory management issue will also affect your camera app's start up time. Normally the camera app is very quick to start and be ready to snap a picture. But, when RAM gets full it sometimes ~3 seconds before the camera is ready to take a picture. And it's a repeatable behavior.

Otherwise It's been a very good phone.
PHL Level 6 | All posts
Gamilus posted on 2015/12/23 01:29
The model that I have is the ZenFone2 Laser ZE551KL.

I can't speak to UK specifics, but if you p ...

I agree with this statement, however if i was to recommend id say get the zenfone 2 deluxe. You will have everythint. Big screen, fastest soc on zf2 series,4gb ram and 128 gb internal memory. The only lacking feauture compared to zf2 laser is the laser autofocus but basically the zf2 deluxe or special edition is worth the trade off if were speaking of general specs and not specific specs.
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