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[Replied] [Power/Battery] Asus N580VD don't turn on or charge. CMOS Battery missed

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Asus N580VD don't turn on or charge. CMOS Battery missed
Model: n580vd
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No
Unfortunatly mi Asus N580VD is having lot of problems since the guaranty run out......sounds weird. Last problem, the laptop is nor turning on or even chaging. I leave the laptop in sleep mode for the night and the next day, it just did not turn on again. I tryed everything, disconect the battery, the HDD, the SDD, the RAM, press the power button for 60 seg....all in different convinations and nothing. Mayority of people speak about the CMOS battery to reset the bios, but I just can't find this battery in my Asus model. It's just anywhere in the moderboard. I just suspect that maybe the CMOS battery is in one of the speakers?. The apeakers in this model are envolved in a plastic box bigger that the speaker itself as your can see in the picture attached. There are a few diiferent colours in the cables out of the speakers, which make me think if there is the battery. I just can confirm it because is impossible to open this box. Can someone confirm it? if so, how is possible Asus put the CMOS battery there? it is just stupid

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Go to asus see service center, talk to experienced person for solving
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