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[More Information Needed] [Audio] Zenbook 15 2018 speakers poor quality?

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xlvg1 NLD Level 1 | All posts
NB Bug Report
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: The speaker quality seems to be poor
Model: 533FN-A8058T
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot: -

I bought the Zenbook 15 2018 model and it is a great device. Only the quality that comes out the speakers is very poor. I dont really know how to describe it but it sounds like something is blocking the speakers which reduce the quality of the speakers.

This is actually my second Zenbook 15 2018 device. my first ZB15 had even bigger problems with the speakers, it stuttered a lot and made a weird echo sound. Gladly I got a replacement ZB15 but the quality of this device is just as poor.

When I read reviewes about the Zenbook 15 I only read that it has good speakers, but even my 2010 laptop has better speakers sound.

I did installed the latest drivers, even uninstalled an re-installed. Re-installed Windows but no luck. But like I said my first model had the same issue.

Any tips?
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Last edited by RAJU2529 on 2019/4/24 10:05

I don't have your model  laptop , But I have  x542uq  with Realtek HD audio device . If your laptop   comes with Realtek , then you try the following
did you  configured  the sound  quality by  ICE audio wizard , if  you  not  means  , then install audio wizard software , and click then Realtek  HD audio manger , click on audio wizard , click on advanced , click graphic icon at bottom , enable band.
Slide  the  mouse  as your needs, each and  every slides will give different  scheme of  sound. .
.there are five sound preset scheme builtin audio wizard software.

OTHERS Level 1 | All posts
My laptop, UX433FA has a buzz sound in the right speaker when the volume is over 50%. It is extremely annoying. And I would no send it to be serviced for this kind of defect.

I reiterate the advice to anyone intending to buy this laptop series: DON'T! It's a nasty laptop, even though it looks great. They got me fooled by the looks, but I will NEVER again buy anything that has Asus on it.
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I have the same problem, but i have UX480FD i think its a similiar construct and this tutorial by RAJU2529 doesnt work, no matter which sound type i choose its the same sound is poping i opened the laptop, because even 2 screws were missing when bougt a new one. And i can say that the speakers are terible, they sound like a membrane is teared up.

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slavkogocevski posted on 2019/5/13 15:04

I have the same problem, but i have UX480FD i think its a similiar construct and this tutorial  ...

Go to nearest service center and get repaired from there.
Sorry I amam not facing any problems on sound and speakers
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Hello xlvg1,
Can you help to record a video of how the speaker is working ?
I will ask our audio team to identify the issue.
Or please send your device to our service center and PM me your RMA number.
I will track the issue and ask local technical support to help.
Thank you for messaging us.
Have a nice day.
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