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[Replied] [System] Positional Drift (Gyroscope)

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jafar4all18 IND Level 3 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: 1.8
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
I am experiencing serious positional drift while is game and google cardbord apps. This could be a possible gyroscope sensor malfunction. Can this be corrected by recalibrating gyroscope??

If yes, How can i recalibrate gyroscope?
jafar4all18 IND Level 3 | All posts
Any one else experiencing the same?
USA Level 1 | All posts
if you are talking about the screen randomly tweeking out... I noticed this too with some live wallpaper settings. I dont know if this is a fault or not.. because you assume the gyro would be CONSTANTLY adjusting itself and confirming its own position.
jafar4all18 IND Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by jafar4all18 on 2015/8/12 12:33

This not about wall paper. There are virtual reality apps and games on play store which rely on gyro sensors to determine its position and orientation. I am experiencing some  serious drift of position in them.  Try panosphere in camera app.
IND Beta Tester | All posts
Please include sensors calibration option.thank you
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi jafar4all18,

To test your gyroscope sensors if fully functional then you can run a SMMI test on your device:
Go to Calculator=>type " .12345+= "
you will be entered to SMMI_TEST => select single test => GSensor Test

For sensor calibration you can check your apps if they have any In-built calibration settings.
BRA Level 1 | All posts
Sorry, I'm having yhe same problem and this is not a satisfactory answer.  The gyroscope works anf, as such, pass the test. The problem here is the drifting, or, in my case, a tilt of some degrees on one of the axis. This generates the feeling that you are in a slope when in a cardboard experience, ruining it. Also, it seems that the gyroscope has no calibration or excess sensitivity, as it's always jumping, with no stable values even with the device being still. I'm a VR developer and Asus Zenfone2 was about to become my first choice for clients / events for its value, but this gyro behavior kills it. Please let us know if this can be fixed in a future firmware update.
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi wpetty,

There is an app called Sensor Kinetics on play store, where you can see the accuracy of the sensors responding and you can verify if positional drift takes place.

Check for latest firmware updates via OTA, and make sure that after every firmware update you perform a wipe cache partition.
FRA Level 1 | All posts

I am a mobile developer working on VR apps and I am having the same issue with this phone. Has a resolution been found?

jafar4all18 IND Level 3 | All posts
No the sensors in the device seems very unstable.
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