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[Replied] [Signal/ Connection] And again about VoLTE & WiFi Calling in ZS550KL

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spb.s700 RUS Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZS550KL(Deluxe)
Firmware/App Version: OPR1.170623.026.WW_user_80.30.123.118_20181102 / Android 8.0.0.
Location: Russian Federation
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
App Name: VoLTE & WiFi Calling
Description: Hello!
In the Russian Federation, my operator “MegaFon” claims that for my SIM card and for this phone it activates all the settings for the confident work of VolTE and WiFi Calling.

Really, when I install the SIM card in the phone Asus Zenfon Max Pro 2 ZB631KL it all works well.
But in the phone ZS550KL it's not working.

In the engineering menu *# * #4636#*# * these settings are disabled and cannot be enabled.
There is no mention of this in the mobile connection settings or anywhere else.

I correctly understand, what exactly for this model of phone for operators of my country this functionality for some reasons is switched off programmatically?

Are there any ways to enable this?

Is it possible to hope that in the following firmware it will be activate?
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TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi  spb.s700

This phone is VoLTE & WiFi Calling  capable, but to enable this feature for your region, Your local operator must enable this service for this model as well. Please make a request with your operator if you would like to use this feature with your operator, thank you.

Please check it again, thank you and have a good day
spb.s700 RUS Level 1 | All posts
Hello, Selena_ASUS!

Thanks for reply!

I once again addressed to the operator having transferred Your words.
He replied that he did not wish to include this equipment in the list of devices for the use of this technology.
And recommended him to do it attention - the manufacturer of this equipment, as the manufacturer does not guarantee the correct operation of the network operator.
And the circle has closed. Not it is clear which of them is right.
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