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[Replied] [Power/Battery] Battery draining more than expected

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chrisreed666 GBR Level 1 | All posts
ROG Bug Report
Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 8.1.0
Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -

So i've read a few other threads about battery drain on the ROG Phone, has anyone managed to get the battery drain to stop?

Today is the first day of using the ROG as my daily phone, had it for 3 weeks but hadn't set it up.
This morning at 7am it was at 100% now at 3.25pm its down at 54%
The phone has been in my pocket for most of the day, replied to about 3 texts, read a news story so the screen on time has only been approximately 45mins - 60 mins so far today
This seems to be a heavier drain than what is on my 2 year old iphone 7 which according to its own system only has a battery capacity now of 85%

A few things i should add about the set up of my ROG
I have the always on display active and the aura light is active - breathing
I'm running DNS66 vpn and malwarebytes antivirus is on real time protection.
Autostart manager is active stopping all except 8 apps from running.

My question is, would this me normal levels of battery drain? I don't believe this to be normal levels of drain.

I read another thread where some people had turned off autostart manager so all apps were allowed to start and had noticed better battery life.

Can anyone share any experiences they've had?
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Hi chrisreed666,

For your information, always on display, aura light, and X mode may use up some battery.
Do you feel like the battery drains in sleep mode or screen on?

If in sleep mode, in order for us to verify, please test your battery drain level in sleep mode by following the steps below.
1) Charge the phone to 100% before going to bed > remove the charger and turn off screen> the next morning before using the phone,  please show us two screenshots:
a) Settings > Battery
b) Settings > Battery > "Advanced battery usage" (tap battery icon to access)

2) Provide me the battery consumption level and time variation: for example 23:00 (100%) > 08:00 (90%)

3) Are always on display, aura light, and X mode enabled in sleep mode?

4) Please show us the screenshot of the apps that you have allowed to auto-start. (Mobile Manager > PowerMaster> Auto-start Manager)

If when screen on, do any specific apps usually cause more battery drain?

Thank you for your help

chrisreed666 GBR Level 1 | All posts
Hi Jei_Asus

I felt yesterday that it was excessively using battery yet nothing appeared to be running. X mode wasn't activated at all yesterday.
The phone yesterday was on 50% at 4.30pm so later today or tomorrow i'll update with battery life remaining at certain times to give a comparison.

I've made some changes to the phone set up for today to see what the battery life is like.
The changes i've made are:
Always on display - de-activated
Autostart manger - reset to default settings and allowed one more app to autostart - DNS66
In powermaster - Clean in suspend has been disabled
Malwarebytes - database update every 3 hours - turned off
Malwarebytes - scheduled scans - daily - now turned off

When looking yesterday at the battery usage, it said that Apps had used 47% of the battery and all other things like screen had used at most 4%
This had me puzzled as apart from Malwarebytes and DNS66 which are running constantly no other apps were running. I looked in to the apps themselves for yesterday and strangely none of the apps seemed to be running more than 4%, i checked every single app on the phone for how much battery usage since last charge any that had use were at most 4% of the battery, there was only 4 or 5 apps.

So after looking at these it made me decide to turn off the clean in suspend within powermaster.

At the moment these changes have made quite a substantial difference. The phone has been off charge now since 6.45am - 100% and now at 9.30am it is on 98%. This drop in the time is normal behaviour or at least a drop i'd expect to see. I'll update
The phone is still running DNS66 and malwarebytes actively / in the background.

I suspect the major thing to make a difference could be the clean in suspend.

I wonder if you'd be able to check with the Asus engineers to see if the / how the clean in suspend is working, is it working once the phone is inactive / screen off? If you have always on display is the phone going in to a full sleep mode or not?

OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
chrisreed666 posted on 2019/2/26 01:39
Hi Jei_Asus

I felt yesterday that it was excessively using battery yet nothing appeared to be runni ...

I noticed that I lose about 10% while idle, depending on the day.

It was only like that before I rooted,
When I rooted I didn't change anything, but it subsided a bit. Maybe only 6%? But at least it's manageable.

The only thing that I could think of is I flashed the current rom clean.

Using audio processors such as DTX, viper4android, or both in my case, also hemeorage battery, the 90hz screen does more then the led. Led is quite efficient, I never noticed a substantial boost in life with them on or off, what I did notice was 60hz looks awful but runs the battery down less.
chrisreed666 GBR Level 1 | All posts
Hmmm interesting.....

So today i'll give an update on the battery

Phone was fully charged and unplugged 26/2/19 at 6.45am - 100%, by 4.30pm 26/2/19 i was on 81%.
Today 27th 8.45am its on 49% without any extra charge, this is quite an astonishing change in battery performance. I wasn't expecting to get near 2 days of battery life.
Also yesterday i used the phone slightly more than the day before. Sent and received a fair few facebook messages, had a few phone calls. And played a couple of games of yahtzee.
I must add i haven't had x mode active yet as wanting to compare the the battery with the previous day.

I do think that my initial setup of malwarebytes was eating through the battery but also think the powermaster setting of clean apps in suspend had something to do with the drain.

All in all since changing these couple of settings i can say the battery life has impressed me. I'm going to do some more testing to see if there's any other adverse settings.
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Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2019/3/5 16:07
chrisreed666 posted on 2019/2/27 16:53
Hmmm interesting.....

So today i'll give an update on the battery

Hi chrisreed666,

Thank you for your information.

Could you show us your firmware version?
For your information, always on display may consume some battery usage because though the phone is in sleep mode, always on display needs to check the time every few minutes. If you have concerns about it causing slight battery drain you may consider disabling it.

For clean in suspend, I have checked with the team in charge about how "clean up in suspend" in Mobile Manager functions, and I will notify you once I receive any information.

If you have concerns about the battery drain with specific apps, you may try testing the apps separately.
E.g. 100% > Malwarebytes for 1 hour >  then DNS66 for 1 hour. Please make sure to clean other apps in the recent app list when testing one specific app.
Please show me screenshots of the battery variation after finish testing each app.

If there are any other inquiries, you may let me know. Thank you

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Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2019/3/13 16:09
chrisreed666 posted on 2019/2/27 16:53
Hmmm interesting.....

So today i'll give an update on the battery

Hi chrisreed666,

It has been confirmed by our tech team:

After the screen is turned off for 1 minute, "clean up in suspend" will start to run and check if there are any background running apps that is not allowed to auto-start, if there are, "clean up in suspend" will clear these apps.

The purpose of "Clean up in suspend" is to prevent these prementioned apps from draining the battery,
after the screen is turned off it will only start running and check once, so the battery drain caused by "clean up in suspend" is supposed to be substantially lower than the battery drain caused by these background running apps prementioned.

For your information, Always on panel may consume more battery level than clean up in suspend.
Also, Aura lighting and X-mode may use up battery as well.

If you feel like there are abnormal battery drain issues, you may let us know, and we can assist you to collect more information on your phone for us to analyze.

Thank you
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