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[Android Operation/Settings] ZenWatch Remote Camera - Take a Picture

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Remote Camera is an app that can remotely control your device's (phone or tablet) camera with ZenWatch.
(Please note the effective range of bluetooth for ZenWatch and the device is about 5 meters, which may be decreased by barriers nearby.)

Search "ASUS Remote Camera" on Google Play Store and tap "INSTALL".
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There are two ways to perform Remote Camera.

One is from phone side.
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The other is from ZenWatch side.
Tap "Remote Camera".
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The screen of ZenWatch will be synchronized with the screen of phone or tablet.
The pic below is the screen of ZenWatch.
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The screen of the phone or tablet
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Tap the screen of ZenWatch to make a photo shot, and the photo will be displayed on the screen of ZenWatch.
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Here are three extra functions of Remote Camera.
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One is the switch of Camera/Video.
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One is for 5 second countdown shot.
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One is Zoom in / Zoom out function.
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One is flash light auto / enable / disable function
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