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[Replied] [System] Zenfone 3 deluxe bootloop problem

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ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZS570KL(Deluxe)
Firmware/App Version: WW_5.17.44.87_20180222
Location: Philippines
Frequency of Occurrence: 2.15
Rooted: No
App Name: -
Screenshot: -
Description: Zenfone 3 deluxe bootloop problem
I got a zenfone 3 deluxe with nougat os and after it got an automatic update for taiwan CHT VoLTE support and battery optimization,it suddenly went to bootloop. Sometimes it stayed into the asus logo then a bootloop. I tried to do hard reset but it got a locked bootloader so it can only do a fastboot but theres nothing i can do with it. I managed to open it a couple of times,i even successfully resetted it but it always hang most of the time.i let the battery drained over time,i left it untouched for couple of months, 8 months to be exact since it failed to boot properly. I managed to open it and took a shot of its details then it hang again. I cant risk updating it to oreo since it always go into bootloop. Im from the Philippines and i bought it abroad so i dont know if it has proper support since the unit was not introduced in my country. Bootloop problem usually starts when the unit begins to feel a little hot on upper area near the fingerprint scanner/camera. Then it will hang and bootloop will start. Is there a solution to this problem? Asus should be aware of this and consideration must be taken seriously since the problrm came from the update.asus should fix this,or give some sort of compensation or replacement since the problem came right after the update.
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hi robertalvez0814

I would suggest that you back up your phone and bring your phone to the nearest service center for a check-up.
Call Us:
Service Center:
Thank you.  
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I think this is a common problem of Zenfone 3 deluxe after an unstable OTA update. There is no use going sending the phone back to the service center. I realize that the phone can only be used when the battery level is between 100% to about 65%. And it will start to freeze and go into a if you leave the phone on and when the battery is bring drained to about 10% due to the infinite bootloop cycle. Then the phone can be booted up properly with the 10% battery. So basically, the phone is not very usable. And I had enough about the service adviser asking us to send in the phone as they are charging us for the repair for to the fact that the warranty of my phone is already over. And I strongly believe that the problem is caused by the recent OTA update. So basically, if they don't fix the firmware, there is no way for them to address the problem. I'm thinking to gather all the Zenfone user over the world to take legal action against Asus just like the iPhone 6 battery problem. 
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I think the random freeze and bootloop problem is related to the auto brightness. When I switch off the auto brightness, it freezes less frequently. 
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