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[More Information Needed] [System] My phone does not recognize SD cards, any.

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pereab USA Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZS550KL(Deluxe)
Firmware/App Version: Android 8.0.0
Location: -
Frequency of Occurrence: -
Rooted: Yes
App Name: -
Screenshot: -
Description: Phone does not recognize SD cards
My phone does not recognize SD cards. I've tried some. This failure comes and goes though. I already shipped the phone to the service center and they returned it, same condition (RMA USCYJ60960) . If you take off the SIM card, no problem, you put the SIM card it does not recognize the SD card. The RMA report said REINSTALL FOTA, I did it, it works for a while. This morning I downloaded a FOTA update, SD card is not recognized anymore. I have tried the ASUS chat support, no solution (Cases   N180632484 and N180794279).  Does anybody can help me?
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi pereab

Please kindly provide the u=information in box.
Full name:
serial number :

I'll pass your case to related personnel and department for further investigation
Thank you

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