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[More Information Needed] Problem on screen ASUS ZENFONE DELUXE 3 (ZS570KL)

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didiomarcelo ARG Level 1 | All posts
Hello people, recently the cell phone started to turn on and off the screen when it was locked (That is to say, how a flash the screen), but over time that flash was more constant... After that, the cell phone when it was blocked and unlocked it made many flashes and turned on. At the time he began to do the following: When you unlock it, it flashes the screen and turns off and only leaves the keys below.
A few days ago I received an update which solved the flickering of the screen when it was blocked but the other problem keeps on doing it and I have to block it and unlock it many times until it manages to turn on.
Does any one happen to have the same problem? Or was the module screwed up?.
Of course, thank you very much to everyone.
didiomarcelo ARG Level 1 | All posts
Did not the same thing happen to anyone?
IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
I do not really understand what you mean, can you send a screenshot or photo about your problem?
Hello didiomarcelo
Thank you for your inquiry, but I don't understand your second issue. Can you provide a small video showing this matter? Thank you
didiomarcelo ARG Level 1 | All posts
I can not send you a video because the cell phone if I press the lock button the screen turns off and when I try to unlock it the screen lights up but does not turn on.
MYS Level 1 | All posts
hi, my zenfone 3 deluxe 5.7suddenly going cannot use my zenfone any only take 5 months after puchasing
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