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[Replied] [Sound] The Camera Microphone Is Not Working

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Zaid_Rynes ROM Level 2 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZX551ML(Zoom)
Firmware/APP Version: WW_4.21.40.314
Frequency of Occurrence: 2,3 Ghz
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Hello there. As you know, the Asus Zenfone Zoom, like most smartphones today, has two microphones - a call microphone, located at the bottom, and a camera microphone, which is located on top.

The issue is... when I open the (stock) camera (app) and record a video, it uses the call microphone to record audio for it. I can suppose the call microphone renders lower quality audio than the camera microphone. When I open an app like "ASR" and select the sound input source as the camera microphone, it still uses the one at the bottom.

Am I the only one experiencing this thing or... are there other users who have it too? Is there a solution to this issue?

I don't know how much did other users bother to see which microphone is used when recording audio, be it for a video or in a sound recorder, but I really care about audio quality and I would like to render optimum quality audio.

The call microphone still captures some nice sound, but it's not as good and crisp as the camera mike I suppose.

Thank you!

Hello  Zaid_Rynes
The microphone at the top is not a camera microphone
It's just a secondary microphone that aids the noise canceling feature when you are talking on the phone.
Thank you
Zaid_Rynes ROM Level 2 | All posts
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bill2_chang_ASUS posted on 2018/3/8 15:32
Hello  Zaid_Rynes
The microphone at the top is not a camera microphone
It's just a secondary microph ...

Hello. Oh, really? Are you absolutely positive about that? I have to mention that we're talking about the Zenfone 2 Zoom, or ZX551ML, not about the ZE551KL. I don't know why Asus moderators keep moving my posts regarding the ZX551ML to the "ZE551KL" thread. I'd like to know that.

The manual doesn't mention anything about that microphone's role. In fact, the manual doesn't even mention the existence of an LED, even if there is one, haha. Is there a service manual for the ZX551ML out there?

Thank you for taking your time! I'm grateful.
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