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[Replied] [System] Backup Internal storage In BootLoop

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zenfans_MNJU IND Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: 0094.0177
Frequency of Occurrence: dont know
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Last edited by zenfans_MNJU on 2017/9/2 07:54

Hi all.. I am stuck in a Bootloop in my Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML...Last thing I remember was that my internal memory was almost full and I was watching a video..Phone got I restarted..ever since then I have bootloop. I want to backup some important photos and docs from my phone..I tried wiping cache and updating the firmware from Asus website. After updating, again I have bootloop..  Is there any way to backup?? phone is not rooted..and I like to keep it unrooted...Thanks in advance..
TRIED AND TESTED.****THINGS TO REMEMBER:Z008 = ZE550MLZ00A = ZE551ML (2GB/4GB RAM)Please download correct firmware for your device.FILES NEEDED:1. Drivers for Asus Zenfone 2, Installed on PC.2. ADB Installed on your PC. (latest version is 1.4.2)…/0B0MKgCbUM0itVVFWRC02Q0VBQnc/view3. Flash Tools…4. Pre-rooted system.img and recovery. (Please download correct firmware which is present in your phone)!k4MHiAgL!dVuOKeH3eokcwPSNI79ffwLET'S START!1. Install the adb (version 1.4.2) in your PC.2. Extract Flash Tools.3. "system.img" is extracted from parts.Divided into 6**(XX is firmware version, CLICK the, and extract the main "system.img" to the folder.)3A. Please extract all downloaded files in one folder.Please make sure that your folder contains these following files.adb.exeAdbWinApi.dllAdbWinUsbApi.dllboot.imgdroidboot.imgEnter_Bootloader.batfastboot.exemd5sumrecovery.imgsystem.img4. Connect your Device to your PC. Then boot in FASTBOOT MODE.4A. To boot in fastboot mode, In power off, Hold Power + Volume UP, when your device vibrates, release the power button.If you will see a Big Android (Relaxing or Sleeping), your'e doing it right.5. Go back in the folder, then ANYWHERE hold SHIFT then click RIGHT CLICK, and choose "OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE".6. Enter this following fastboot command. Wait for the process to complete before copying and entering the next line command.6A. fastboot flash fastboot droidboot.imgWAIT.. blah.. blah.. blah..6B. fastboot flash recovery recovery.imgWAIT.. blah.. blah.. blah..6C. fastboot flash boot boot.imgWAIT.. blah.. blah.. blah..6D. fastboot flash system system.imgWAIT.. blah.. blah.. blah..IF THE SYSTEM.IMG gets error, you installed wrong adb version.REMINDER: The flashing of "system.img" will take huge time to process, DO NOT TURN OFF OR RESTART YOUR DEVICE, wait for the word "FINISHED".7. After, it will show finished, then you can plug out the USB and press the power button, reboot your phone and when it starts up, your phone is ROOTED.8. After successful boot, GO DIRECTLY to SUPERSU application, then click SETTINGS, and search for "FULL UNROOT", after that reboot your phone.9. YOUR PHONE IS NOW READY FOR OTA OR MANUAL UPDATE.OTA or Over-the-AIr update :Click Settings > About > System Update > Check UpdateManual Update ownload your needed Manual firmware version here: Rename the FIRMWARE zip you download to "" then copy it in your micro SDcard.9B. Boot your device into FASTBOOT mode. (If you will see a Big Android (Relaxing or Sleeping), your'e doing it right.)9C. Press VOLUME DOWN, until you will reach RECOVERY, POWER BUTTON, then it will update your device.10. ENJOY!
zenfans_MNJU IND Level 1 | All posts
KrakenEvolve335193 posted on 2017/9/2 17:51
TRIED AND TESTED.****THINGS TO REMEMBER:Z008 = ZE550MLZ00A = ZE551ML (2GB/4GB RAM)Please download co ...

Thanks for the help here...but i want to just retrieve all my photos without rooting my phone...if i can retrieve that, then i can perform factory reset it is there any way to do that??
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi Zenfans_MNJU,

You will need to visit the service center.

They can guide you
zenfans_MNJU IND Level 1 | All posts
Hi all, Fixed the issue by updating the firmware from lollipop to marshmallow through adb sideload...Phone booted and it was working normal again...glad i got all my pics back...thanks for all the helpers...
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