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[More Information Needed] [System] Unlock Device Tool Doesn't Work

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eric.baiao CAN Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551KL
Firmware/APP Version: MMB29P.ww_user_21.40.1220.1708_20160621
Frequency of Occurrence: 1.5GHz
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: UnlockTool_ASUS_AndroidM20160928_Singed.apk
Last edited by eric.baiao on 2016/12/7 16:25

Hey, I got my Zenfone 2 Laser, and have been trying to root it, however the tool provided by ASUS doesn't seem to work. Once I open the app, I get past the EULA, check "Agree" and press the large unlock button, get a popup that says,  "You do not have PIN password to verify your device, do you still want to unlock your device?", tap "OK" and the phone reboots, but I still don't have root access. Did I forget to do anything?

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Hi eric.baiao,

Please inbox me device serial number(settings>about>status>serial number)

eric.baiao CAN Level 1 | All posts
This is the same problem as the OP and some users of this thread were facing. Even if it seems like the phone is unlocked from ASUS' end, it is not actually unlocked when we check with fastboot. Is there anyone who has a solution to this?

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Last edited by mr.mdh001 on 2016/12/10 00:28

I am also having issues with the Unlock Device Tool.  The app always crashes, and never unlocks the device.  I understand that the app may phone home that the tool was ran, but the tool never completed its job.  I am attaching pics of the app crashing and of my build number.  

The whole reason behind me wanting to unlock the device is to downgrade to Lollipop due to the fact that Android 6 broke my Bluetooth connection from my phone to my 2012 Chevy Cruze, which I have called in about to Asus support, but have not gotten a resolution to that issue.  Serial# FAAZCY28D478.  Please advise.

app crash

app crash

my build number

my build number
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