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ray_N32 USA Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: ASUS_Z00A-
Frequency of Occurrence: ?
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: Camera
Screenshot: -
I did the following last night, and my front camera started working again! I posted a video on YouTube about it, and a clip from the phones front camera!

1) From home screen, go to All Apps screen (from the center of the bottom part of the home screen)
2) Open up the ZenFone Care App.
3) Open the Assistance Icon
4) Scroll that next page to the right (from right to left), or simply touch the word Assistance on the top right, partially off screen near top right of screen.
5) Scroll Down to the Camera Icon
6) Click / touch the Camera Icon.
7) Click on the  Front Camera Capture Test...

Yes, this is the exact same screen we would get going through the Calculator to get to the hardware testing system, but this is a different way to get there, and the other way NEVER got my front camera to work!

8) Run the test. My camera, of course, failed... but, I hit the retest button a bunch of times and my screen went black. After some short time, I got a notice that the software (or test) stopped working or such, and did I want to wait, or OK to quit... so I quit. I did this a few times, and one time, when the screen went black, I saw that missing Camera Icon to switch between main and front cameras! I got exceited about that, a little... so...
9) I went out to the Camera Test options from #7 above, and I selected the Main Camera test - because I new that camera worked... but this time, I got a black screen as well. I hit the restest button a few more times and kept saying OK to quit the test.

This was something different, and different is good, so I went out to the home page and into the camera app from the main page - I saw the rotating camera icon and touched it... the screen went black... still, it did something different, and the icon was there!

I then decided to restart my phone, I did not shut it off and then on, I used RESTART. When the phone came back on, I went directly to the camera, and it has been working every time I use it now.

I always KNEW it was a software glitch, and I was NOT going to send my phone anywhere. I had given up on the front camera, but now it is working and I get to experiment with some video I had wanted to do.

You can search fro Ray Hayden on YouTube, or the ZenFone 2 ZE551ML Front Camera... and you should find the video, which has screen shots of what I did.

Best wishes.

Ray Hayden

BRA Level 5 | All posts
ray_N32 USA Level 1 | All posts
Hey, I wanted to update this... the camera had died again, no icon or anything... again. I saw a note about the ZenFone 3, and in that reply, it was suggested that the user try going into SAFE MODE.

I have nothing to lose, so I tried that. When the camera came up in SAFE MODE, I opened the camera app and the icon was there! (the one to turn the camera to the front camera). I tried it and it did not work, I just saw a screen full of colors.

Still, anything different is good, so I rebooted back into normal mode, and the Front Camera worked again... try that and see if it works for you! I still had an issue or two, but rebooting the phone got the camera working again... as long as it works, I'm fine with the software glitch.
ray_N32 USA Level 1 | All posts

I made a video of how I am currently getting my front camera to work again... this is the most consistent fix I have found thus far.
ray_N32 USA Level 1 | All posts
OK - February 2017. ASUS gave us an OTA update for something, then Android did a Security Patch... now I cannot get the Front Facing Camera to work again at all.

My phone was purchased in 2015, so my Warranty is long dead. As such, I decided to wipe the phone - backing up my data first! - and reinstalling Marshmallow... this did not resolve the issue.

I then decided to wipe the phone and update the OS to Lineage OS, which is Android, and version 7.1.1 Nougat based. I also restored some of my favorite ASUS apps - I like the File Manager from ASUS better, for example.

The Front Facing Camera still doesn't work, and I tried it in a number of camera applications (apps).

I had already proven that it is a software glitch before the latest updates, but the latest updates really drove that point home!

Now, with a new OS, Nougat 7.1.1, the Front Facing Camera still doesn't work.

I believe the issue is with Android / ASUS / Third Party applications - some or all of them.

I think - someone correct me if I am wrong here! - that the issue is when the camera app (ANY OF THEM!) initializes the camera(s). It is probably doing an initial check, but failing to release the front facing camera in the code somewhere.

This is the ONLY thing that makes sense, because this is NOT a new issue, and it is NOT just in ASUS... I researched this and it goes back at least to 2013, and it has hit a number of Android releases from a number of manufacturers, and a variety of model numbers... it is NOT a hardware issue... it is ABSOLUTELY a software glitch, and I have a YouTube video on this showing how I was able to get the Front Facing Camera back:

Since the last two updates from ASUS and Android - that fix no longer works!

I know that the fix is something mindlessly simple... just someone has to take the time and effort to find the workaround... and I wish ASUS would step up and take that initiative.

I will be watching and waiting to see what happens next!
ray_N32 USA Level 1 | All posts

I had updated my phone to Nougat 7.1.1 with Lineage OS, but I wonder if this will work with Marshmallow as well...

1) UNINSTALL PixelMaster Camera APP.

2) Turn OFF your Phone - NOT RESTART, turn it completely OFF.

3) Turn the Phone back on.

4) Go back to the Play Store and reinstall the PixelMaster Camera app.

I would LOVE to know if this works for anyone else... it WORKED for me (so far), but I also updated the OS to Lineage OS, and Nougat 7.1.1

Best wishes,

Ray Hayden.
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