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mfatihozcelik TUR Level 1 | All posts
Hello !

I bought ASUS ZenPower yesterday and I really liked it, but there is something odd, I bought it from a store, not from ASUS shop and I am not sure what that double print about. I have photo attached. It is not so clear but there is another layer that says 10050 mah in smaller punto and the other words on below, but different. I registered the product with serial number on ASUS account with no problems, I wrote serial and my model just poped up. But I am still not sure if it is fake or not. I attached the photo below. I checked photos of real ones and the box and device is %100 same except the bottom white part.

Thank you for answers and advices.
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
It is always suggested buy products from Authorized re-seller, that assures genuine product.
In this case, Compare the size and weight of your power bank with the specification of original one's. Also check the quality of ASUS Logo with the original power bank, if possible.

You can also visit the nearest service center and ask them if it's original or not.
Find one nearest to you here:

mfatihozcelik TUR Level 1 | All posts
I called ASUS and they said product is original and guaranteed but I still don't know why it has double layer bottom
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