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Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
syhanlix posted on 2016/9/7 18:58
Question po. Hybrid po ba ang sim ng z3max?
Salamat nga po pala sa review. Tagal kong inantay to.

Yes its a hybrid tech. Same as asus zenfone 3 laser and zenfone 3.
Not sure with ultra and deluxe and special edition series.  
Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
alexmiguelv.cabio posted on 2016/9/7 22:30
Has anyone here experienced their sound... from vibrate then when you plug your earphones the sound  ...

Didn't experience yet and not particular with that thingy, i think there are some problem on your device or it might be in settings, however have you already bring this to service center?
pano po ma fix sa wifi? kakahiya na sa kapit bahay hehe. di maka connect sa wifi s bahay namen na reset kona lahat wala padin. help  
PHL Beta Tester | All posts
supermel2424 posted on 2016/9/7 22:33
Na experience nyo po ba nvram warning error 0x10. Software bug? Wifi connected but can't brows downl ...

same issue with mine just after the latest update
Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
psychyze posted on 2016/9/8 01:30
Hi sir tan. Do you experience heating problem when charging the phone? This particular phone. I got  ...

Yeah it feels warm only. Not the usually heating up like other zenfones.
Even in using data network is not heating up.
Just a little bit and it's normal.  
Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
syhanlix posted on 2016/9/8 04:05
Gumaganda ba ang AR sa Pokemon Go with just E-Compass? Kakacheck ko lang sa asus site, wala palang g ...

Didn't tried yet. Let's wait for other zenfone 3 max users to share their experience regarding pokemon go on zenfone 3 max.  
Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
Last edited by Tan Lee on 2016/9/8 22:38

Hi guys, let me share my experience as of this time. Both of my wifi and 4g internet connection and access are working fine. Also when in charging and usage doesn't heating up, just a litte bit and it's normal.
Im in latest system software update.  

If these mentioned issues are affecting to your zenfone 3 max, tips: do manage first all of your apps both preloaded and installed turn to deny all to prevent apps running on background(screen off)
Always do clearing ram/boosting ram.
You can use also greenify from playstore and set the aggressive mode. It helps to fully stop your running application.  
Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
And do not use the zenfone 3 max while charging.
Let me know here guys if you have experiencing different issues on your ASUS ZenFone 3 max so we can provide you here the best solution for that. 
MYS Level 1 | All posts
Which zenfone 3max or zenfone 3 should I buy?
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Could you please tell me why i cant use ar mode in pokemon go. Some can use it but they dont know why or how .. 
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