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[Finished] Win a ZenFone 3 by sharing 3 best features!!

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1:-grate responsive finger print sensor which awake phone without using power button
2:-many more camera mode for best image capturing & laser auto focus,with optical image stabalisation, electronic image stablisation & last but not the list 4k video recording & playback
3:-featured ZEN UI with grate memory & ram management
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1)PROCESSOR:-World's first Phone to have the QualComm's 14nm S625 processor with 35% better power saving
2) OIS & EIS:-with 16MP Camera : Camera that is meant for photography, Some people might have missed but it comes with a "Color Correction sensor" That helps one take realistic clicks. I am great fan of pixelmaster, packing it with OIS and EIS makes the zenfone 3, "Always ready for photography" device. The latest 4K As well as Sony® IMX298 sensor, are excellent enhancements to it
3)High-Res. Audio:-an advanced five-magnet speaker constuction, metal voice coil and expansive sound chamber powered by Smart AMP its awesome to hear like theater sound in Our ZenEar - Perfect for Hight-Res Audio , " ZenEar Beats Headphone ".xj_event
1.Incredible design 2.5D gorilla glass with diamond cut level makes it look more awesome's world's first invisible antenna and first phone to have snapdragon 625 derives people attention
3.That fingerprint sensor which unlocks ur phone in 0.2 seconds and that Zenui 3.0 helps us too customize our phone like no otherxj_event
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1) First Camera in this price range having OIS & EIS Technology with a great quality and good design.
2) A 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels at a PPI of 480 pixels per inch.
3)Zen UI 3.0 Pixel Master 3.0 having  Qualcomm SnapDragon 625 Octacore 2.0 Ghzxj_event
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The three features I like the most :xj_event
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Last edited by shubham8826 on 2016/9/15 14:15

to begin with when i google zenfone 3 i got
About 2,26,00,000 results (0.44 seconds)
lets jump to camera
when all these sites are talking about zenfone 3 it means that it has something which make it best
   1.2 ... ne-3-review-1452074
   1.3 ... initely-upped-game/
   1.4 ... -beat/1/763392.html
   1.5 ... leshow/52619625.cms
     and hundreds of youtube videos and many more

so it proves zenfone 3 stand in market of top 5 phones
and when we talk about camera just a photo will tell you how great is zenfone came is
ZENFONE 3 (low light)
1 zen.jpeg

now oneplus 3(low light)
2 one plus.jpeg

got it
zenfone 3 nailed it.
now some other features

even the NDTV gave

Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL)

a best is class review with a minimum of 8 pointer out of 10
and most important is camera got 8.


what the (censored)
it got 8.3
BEST one

ASUS's ZenFone 3 looks and feels twice its price ... ls-twice-its-price/

now lets come to specification

TriTech AF

laser AF

phase detection AF



- axis

OIS compensation

OIS stabilization

3- axis


EIS compensation



8MP Camera , f/2.0 aperture

PixelMaster Camera Modes:
Back Light (HDR) Mode
Low Light Mode
Real Time Beautification Mode
GIF Animation Mode
Panorama Selfie Mode
16MP Camera, f/2.0 aperture, 6 P Largan lens
Auto Focus

0.03 second laser auto-focus

32 second long exposure

4-axis, 4 stops Optical Image Stabilization for steady photos

Dual-LED real tone flash

PixelMaster Camera Modes:
Back Light (HDR) Mode

Low Light Mode

Manual Mode (for DSLR-like camera detail settings)

Real Time Beautification Mode

Super Resolution Mode (for up to 4X resolution photos)

Night Mode

Depth of Field Mode

Photo Effect Mode

Selfie Panorama, Selfie Mode

GIF Animation Mode

Panorama Selfie Mode

Miniature Mode

Time Rewind Mode

Smart Remove Mode

All Smiles Mode

Slow Motion Mode

Time Lapse Mode

and the pixelmaster camera is icing on the cake.

now specification
1 grate responsive finger print sensor which awake phone without using power button
2 featured ZEN UI with grate memory & ram management

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Last edited by yasaswichbvh on 2016/9/15 19:04

<<I am talking about 5.5",  28k priced model >>

I am not only giving 3 best but also giving 3 Unique features.....

1) It is the only phone in indian market bearing a price tag of 28k in below segment which doesnt have any competitor in specs....yeah, u read it correct though oneplus 3 also in 28k segment but it boasts a 6GB ram....The only 4GB ram mobile to be priced in 28k is none other than Zenfone 3..

2) It is the only premium segment phone which   contain Qualcom Snapdragon 625 while every other premium segment phones contain highend snapdragon 82x/8xx chipset.

3) It is the only phone in premium segment which doesnot possess NFC.... while other Premium phones in this price range like oneplus 3 has NFC.

I love Asus Zenfone series...but after seeing the price...I cannot afford...xj_event
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I have been using the Zenfone 5 since nearly last 2 years and highly satisfied with its performance. The 3 best features of the Zenfone 3 which are very unique are
1) the Zen UI which is very clean and come loaded with features that lets you customise according to your needs. It's very stable as compared to other expensive android phones in the market. Thought the Zenfone 3 has a snapdragon 625 processor and 4gb ram ( competition has snapdragon 820 and 6gb ram) and the Zen UI provides optimised performance without draining too much  battery or heating the phone.
2) the second unique thing I like is the 5 magnet speaker which provides crystal clear audio even at higher volumes and the output of the speakers is louder than even other more premium phones in the market.
3) I am a big fan of the Asus product Design which have won numerous design awards. The Zenfone 3 is no exception and its design looks and feels more premium than any other phone in the market. Holding the phone in hand just make you feel like owning it.

I shall keep my fingers crossed to win this Zenfone 3 which would be a worthy replacement for my Zenfone 5xj_event
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sunny.bhogle posted on 2016/9/15 22:25
I have been using the Zenfone 5 since nearly last 2 years and highly satisfied with its performance. ...

Picture of the best phone I have used till date. My Zenfone 5 which have completed nearly 2 years. Survived many drops and still never got damaged. Kudos to Asus for their wonderful products.
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Three things which made me a fan of zenfone 3 and especially zenfone3 deluxe are:

1. The processor : having qualcomm snapDragon 625 processor this device beats the world interms of multitasking and speed
2. The Memory : with 256gb internal memory version this beats the heart of every on the go user. No more extra usb's needed to be carried.
3. Camera & Battery : The best ever camera with 4k resolution video recording capability and 16MP rare camera its beats the heart of nature love and moment makers. Unlike the older versions Zenfone 3 gives the fast charging option. Which matters a lot to a techie.

Finally Zenfone 3 finishing and design makes me to fall in love with it.

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