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Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Marshamallow Update Rollout!!!  

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Zen_Ro posted on 2016/9/6 16:28
Have you tried factory resetting the device? once done, re-calibrate the battery as well.

I have done every single thing but no issue resolve
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vasukhanna posted on 2016/9/6 16:21
I have done every single thing but no issue resolve

Please do wipe cache partition from recovery mode. This will improve your battery life.
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Last edited by Rahul21 on 2016/9/6 23:44

After update incident:
When i call anyone proximity sensor goes off before i put it to my ear. So i have to shut off the sensor now its like that i have to keep looking at screen if anything happen on my screen while i am on cal.
Android M for ZE551ML needs to fix this problm
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We all need a more stable and upgraded version of mm 6.0.1 because the current firmware of 6.0.1 is very much buggy. So asus plz fix these bugs by sending updates. And we also need volte in our next update of this version. So plz guys plz provide updates.
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vasukhanna posted on 2016/9/6 19:21
I have done every single thing but no issue resolve

Then the only thing u have to do is to wait for asus to provide some update patches to solve these issues. Even i m waitng for the same bcos i m too facing the same issue. I hope that  asus technical team are getting the problem that we r facing and working to solve it.
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For ppl having problem manually updating the phone please try this basic guide I'm listing as I had some trouble too
Firstly if u download the update on the phone transfer it out to the pc and then transfer it back on the phone in the internal sd card or root or internal storage(whichever one u can better understand) they are all the same. Don't put it into a folder.
Now if ure update fails open the zip and see inside if it has the required files and make sure the update is downloaded correctly. As it is common with many zip files to be downloaded incomplete.
After that once the update is done I may reset the phone if u like.
I haven't and to tell u the truth I was worried about losing app2sd but the marshmallow experience is so much faster and I have seen a battery Bump of almost 30% in my experience as android system battery usage has gone down for me dramatically
Just give it some days to be ure daily driver and u will notice it too
P.S don't forget to regularly clear ure cache and media files by transferring them out of internal storage as we now have all apps in internal. Peace
Please don't upgrade your phone to marshmallow now .I updated my phone everything is working superb but the proximity sensor is not working .Go for an update only if you are fine with the proximity error.Please give the update for solving this problem.
But i have no recieve any update in asus zenfone 2 with 1.8 ghz 32 gb rom please tell me the solution?
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arunviruu posted on 2016/8/31 21:58
How to upgrade manually using the downloaded rom

What is this directory? And what for?
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Last edited by immalay on 2016/9/8 11:19

plz add these features in zenfone2 ze551ml 2Gb ram and 4Gb ram and in ze550ml when u people give next update for marshmallow:-
1. Add VOLTE.
2.Add Only 4G or LTE option too in mobile network settings like the same manner u people have provide only 3G option. I hope u got this.
3. Put an option for led indicator on or off in display setting as it was earlier present in earlier version.
4. Bring an option to make sd card as internal storage as provided in other mm updates and given to other phones so that we can use the required amount of sd card volume as internal storage while sd card will have its own property unchanged. As apps2sd is not supported in mm.

I hope i have given a handful of sugesstion on which Asus can work. Kindly forword and highlight these suggestion to ur developers. And avail us these facilities as soon as possible. And provide some proof that u have really forwarded these suggestion.
Hoping for great result.
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