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Zenfone 6 firmware bridge update is available  

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soon = not specific date and time
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debojyoti1996 posted on 2015/5/18 22:32
how will I able to know wether i am rooted or not??

Download root checker from Google play store.

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finally ASUS gave some peace of mind...Thanks ASUS..hope upgrade for a450cg will come soon
Zen_Master posted on 2015/5/18 16:26
It may be available later as a full firmware update. But right now the bridge firmware wont be ava ...

I can download the update via FOTA (size 79.46 MB). But cannot install the update after the download, it says update failed > returning to original configuration. My device is non-rooted Zenfone 6 (ASUS_T00G). I had received previous FOTA updates without any problem like this. Any help/suggestions for this issue.
Some questions :

1. Now that Zf6 Bridge is available , will Zf5 receive this update too?
2. Will the First Gen ZenFone receive lollipop before the end of this month?
3. Will we get some of the features of Zf2 (Like Theming , Auto startup manager,.....)

ravindrabikkina9 posted on 2015/5/18 23:07
I can download the update via FOTA (size 79.46 MB). But cannot install the update after the downlo ...

Screenshots of the issue of installing the update.
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yepeee bridge firmware update for ZF6 please provide for ZF5 and full update to
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amitkattal1 posted on 2015/5/18 20:00
from the original firmware zip file ,extract  these files

how to flash them?
via adb? if via adb what is the command for flashing? plz reply
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debopriyobasu posted on 2015/5/18 16:20
one info reqd:
"Will these bridge updates be uploaded to ASUS official website?"
  actually I am roo ...

I'm rooted to but I can download the update
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Waiting for Zenfone 5 bridge update as well.
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