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[Replied] Music player automatically opens

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sumit posted on 2015/5/19 16:26
the fault is in the rom not music player. why? --> because I don't use music I use walkman instead t ...

I mean walkman starts automatically not asus music app.
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Not resolved in lollipop, because I am using Lollipop beta and this issue also is there.
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Check for ZenUI and Android L updates and confirm
Nikhil_ASUS posted on 2015/6/16 13:24
Check for ZenUI and Android L updates and confirm

It looks like the problem has been resolved after the latest ZenUI update.
I am not facing the problem anymore.
Thanks ASUS
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Hi everyone, if you unplug the earplugs jack suddenly or fast you not get this problem unless music player start
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I notice few abnormal behaviors when i plug out my headphones.

1. Some times the controls in my head phones (Volume/Pause/Start) work and
sometimes it doesn't.
2. Even though I would have paused the music, it starts abruptly when i
plug out my ear phone.

I have updated my zen UI but still the issue persists.
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ashishgoswamimailbox posted on 2015/5/17 18:49
But unlike you guys I didn't even open music player .

Same problem with may phone too
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