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[Recommend App] Transfer files from a PC over WIFI on the new ZenUI File Manager

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TUR Beta Tester | All posts
i want to add manuel Network for example etc...file manager havent got this option..
and again i think ftp access must be on file manager ftp sftp ssh etc.
for example i want to access from phone to my pc with ftp access. etc..

there isnt port options too..
for example i want to change port to 2121 for file sharing.

i'm using another explorer for this options..
i like this apk and again i want to use for everything... i think this options will add this apk. after that it is number 1

this is not hard for asus...
USA Level 1 | All posts
Thanks for sharing the information.
IND Level 1 | All posts
how can we select multiple files at one go? i am not able to do that and selecting individual files is very cumbersome.
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