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ASUS' NEW Brand Ambassador!!!  

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This was my second zenfone... Now the 3rd zenfone.................. zenfone 3s maX...!!!
Loved it alooott.....

IND Level 3 | All posts
My favourite actor with my favourite ASUS as ambassador is pleasant surprise for me
IND Level 3 | All posts
From all of asus ze500kl users i am warning you max Asus if you dont know about volte then shut ur mouth,you have no idea how much we are frudsted as we invested money please do not repeat those line about volte else i will sue you in legal manner...Those who think its right just comment it
rhitikwadhvana posted on 2016/5/23 16:33
It is really awesome to know that a stunning bollywood actress is ASUS Brand Ambassador !

Muje milwa do isse kahli karke uhal doga.  Your battery back-up is very bad. She is saying 3 days. Suck . Only we are getting battery backup 6 and 7 hr. Understand. Idiot and Asus developer doesn't know how to solve this issue.  They are also don't know even they didn't give any stable update till now.  Go and sink into river and don't come.
Brand ambassador SONAKSHI SINHA!!!  ....woww ........................
Last edited by abhishek choudhary on 2017/7/22 18:43

I am not happy because many talented  & Ccute actress in India but why chose sonakshi..........why ? SONAKSHI IS BETTER THAN AALIA  ,Shraddha Kapoor.......     I am not satisfied with this decision..   
IND Level 1 | All posts
Why is PC Link app not available with latest android software?  I think it is one of the best features of ASUS that is not adequately displayed in India.
IND Level 2 | All posts
Asus can't get the better Brand Ambassador other than me 
CAN Level 1 | All posts
Hahahaha.... Very nice brand ambassador. People have noticed what asus is doing. Soon asus will slaughterd by xiomi. Xiomi redmi has captured much more market in smart phone learn something from them before launching zenfone 3 you have to think aboit price. The theme that Mi provide you are not close to them. Asus soon will finished from Indian market be ready. No one can save asus. Hahahaha talking about brand ambassador. The money you are throwing at sonakshi sinsha if you have used that money on R&D what you could have been you don't know. That's why Mi is getting huge day by day. 
USA Level 1 | All posts
For ASUS ZenFone max(ZC550KL) has no updatit is still in Android 6.0.1
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