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【ZenFone 2 Laser Beta Tester 】Android 6.0 Marshmallow coming soon!  

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apply done..... wIting for marshmallow......
Hi ... here iam not able to dowload google cardboard app... plz help.. i wana use VR kit
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When are you going to release beta version for  ZE550KL ?
Zen_Adi posted on 2016/3/14 13:13
Dear Ayush,

Yes. We will update the ZenUI base on Android 6.0.

Yes waiting for new ZENUI and android M in my laser 550kl
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Features of m update. I am expecting finger print scanner on m update is it really comes haa
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binaya.dhara posted on 2016/3/9 15:34
When will you start recruiting for Laser 550KL? I am Excited to be a beta tester.

Dude being a beta tester is not an easy task. It requires your phone to install latest updates which might be full of bugs and may leave you nowhere until next update
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vinku2407 posted on 2016/3/25 16:48
Dude being a beta tester is not an easy task. It requires your phone to install latest updates whi ...

Dude for your kind information !! I know what is a beta tester ok.I was an unofficial Developer of Samsung Wave y mobile. I have made lots of custom ROM for BADA OS of Samsung. Just go to my blog -->> .I left the development before 2 yrs coz my mobile is stolen. I have done lots of experiment and also i fixed lots of bug present on the ROM. Understood ?
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android M isnt available for Beta testers till now... any1 can tell when it ll be available for testing purpose??
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ayush_gl posted on 2016/3/11 18:19
with android 6 marshmallow update, ZENUI will also be updated or not??

Zenui will be updated... but looks and feels will be same. 3 google apps will be provided instead of asus stock apps.
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