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While ZenFones are built to withstand the pressure of day to day activities, accidents and defects cannot be avoided. Fortunately, ASUS does give a 1-year limited local warranty for all their ZenFones. But before you bring your devices to the service center, let's find out what kinds of concerns are covered by the warranty, and which ones void it (thus require part replacement fees).

ASUS Warranty Information

What devices are covered by warranty?
ASUS provides 1-year limited local warranty to all devices sold within official retail channels. This means that only devices officially released in the country will have warranty. Products that are not officially released locally are not covered by warranty, and repair will be subject to parts availability.

Will a refurbished/used device still have warranty?
No. The warranty only applies if the device is brand new on the date of purchase.

What else will void the warranty?
The warranty will be void if the device is subjected to improper installation, operation, cleaning or maintenance, accidental damage, misuse, abuse, and unofficial modifications (both software and hardware), Normal wear and tear, and any event or act outside ASUS' control is also not covered by the warranty.

Any other available information regarding the 1-year limited local warranty?
ASUS makes sure that every ZenFone is free from defects in workmanship and materials for the duration of the warranty period. The warranty does not cover accessories. Only if the product fails during normal and proper use will the warranty be valid.

Will my data be backed up by the service center before repairs are conducted?
No. ASUS will not restore or transfer any data or software from the device's storage media. If the device is repaired, all user-generated data may be permanently lost.

So I left my device at the service center for repair, what will happen now?
ASUS, or their service centers, at their own discretion, may choose to repair or replace the defective parts of your device with new or reconditioned parts, or they may replace the device itself with products that are functionally equivalent or superior to it.

I got my device back, is there a guarantee that the repair done is of high quality?
All components that an ASUS service center repaired or replaced will be under warranty for three months, or for the remainder of the warranty period, whichever is applicable. The repair center may also restore the software to the originally-configured operating system bundled with the device.

How can I make sure I use the device properly so as to not unknowingly void the warranty?
  • Always read the manual, and use the device only according to the user manual.
  • Do not leave the device connected to the charger at all times, since not all electrical components are designed to be left connected to power at all times.
  • Keep the original packaging, so that when the device needs to be returned or repaired, it can provide better protection for the product during transportation.

ASUS Customer Service

I need to contact ASUS Customer Service, what are the things I need to prepare?
  • Make sure you have the device in front of you, turned on if applicable, so that you can describe the issue and/or be ready to execute any instructions the customer service provides.
  • Be ready to provide the device serial number, the model name, and proof of purchase.

What are the most-likely instructions that ASUS Customer Service will provide?
  • Restore the device to it's original, factory-default settings (i.e. factory reset).
  • Install updates, patches or service packs.
  • Running any diagnostic tools and programs on the device.
  • Allowing ASUS technical support remote access to the device (if applicable).
  • Performing any other reasonable activities requested by ASUS, which will assist identifying or resolving the problem.

We were not able to resolve the problem through the phone, what now?
You may have to return the device to an ASUS authorized service partner for RMA (return merchandise authorization) procedure. Please keep the RMA number safe for tracking purposes.

RMA Procedure

So the device needs to be returned to an ASUS authorized service partner, what do I have to bring?
  • A completed warranty card.
  • The original copy of the sales invoice or receipt, as well as a copy.
  • The device, packed in the original packaging or a safe and stable packaging. Do not send anything but the product unless requested by ASUS.

My ASUS device's warranty is voided due to customer-induced damage but is still within 1 year from purchase. What fees do I need to pay?
For CID cases, regardless if the ASUS device is within warranty or not, it is considered as out-of-warranty. Physical damage voids the warranty of the unit. Therefore, will need to prepare payment for the part/s needed to be replaced and for the labor fee.

Where do I bring the device for RMA procedure?
You may bring the device to any ASUS authorized service partner, drop-off center, or the store where you brought the device.

Where can I find a complete list/map of all ASUS authorized service partners and drop-off centers?
You can find a list of all active authorized service partners and drop-off centers in the following link:
You can find an interactive nationwide map here:

How long does the repair time last once the device is brought to/arrives at the authorized service partner?
Currently the expected turnaround time for RMA is 2 to 3 business days, assuming parts are available on-hand at the service center. If there are no parts available, please expect lead time for spare parts shipment.

Who do I contact in case I want to get updates regarding the repair process?
You may contact the store, drop-off center or ASUS authorized service partner where you bought the device, or contact ASUS Customer Support at (+632) 798-5700, open weekdays from 9AM to 6PM.
Warranty durations

How long does the ZenFone warranty last?
7 days replacement warranty, 1 year (365 days) part replacement and service warranty.

How long does accessories warranty last?
7 days replacement warranty only. Includes ZenEar and charging cable.

How long does the ZenFone battery warranty last?
6 months service warranty only.

How long does the power adapter/charger warranty last?
1 year (365 days) service warranty.

How long does the replacement part warranty last?
3 months replacement warranty, or until the end of the device service warranty (if applicable), whichever is shorter.

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this is really informative, thanks!
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like....................useful guide,
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Thank you for this informative post re: warranty
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The above info do not tell you how long you'll have to wait till you can get your phone back.
nikkojamesreducto PHL Moderator | All posts
botski69 posted on 2016/2/20 19:26
The above info do not tell you how long you'll have to wait till you can get your phone back.

That's because the repair time frame depends if there are other repairs on schedule before yours, or if there are stocks of the required spare parts (if there are none, they have to order from overseas, which takes a long time considering the import process in the Philippines).

If everything goes right and there are no delays, it should just take three weeks max.
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Thank you very much! Much appreciate the info.
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Ngayon ko lang ito nakita at nabasa. ang galing! Iba talaga kapag ASUS! <3
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Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but what if I no longer have the receipt? I have been trying to search for it but it seems that I really have lost it. I was only able to keep the box with me. We used a credit card to pay for this though so could I still get the warranty? Thanks.
nikkojamesreducto PHL Moderator | All posts
Nellie_ posted on 2016/2/29 01:13
Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask this but what if I no longer have the receipt? I h ...

In that case, the warranty period will be based off the manufacturing date of the device.
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