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[Resolved] [System] Is ZE55ML (other Zenfone 2) support Core Management?

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: Don't know
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: -
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Last edited by Pitcher_ASUS on 2015/4/8 16:08

Dear Asus Developer.
I have a question. Is ZE551ML support Core Management.
Let's me give example:

Some phone which has more than dual core procecor has not only CPU management, but also core management. If the phone is in the idle condition/normal usage, the core will underclock automatically and (some phone) can switch off core. And if the phone is in the sleep mode, the clockspeed will set to minimum clockspeed and switch off more core.

I ask a question like this because our zenfone 1st gen doesn't support core management except if we install custom kernel. That's why it's also battery drain problem. So, I hope Asus implement that feature on Zenfone 2 kernel. Make power saving concept likethis.

Thank You.
HI, i will asked relate dept. if i get answer, i will reply asap.
HI, we have not support this function.
Rizqy IDN Level 3 | All posts
Pitcher_ASUS posted on 2015/4/8 15:24
HI, we have not support this function.

Sorry for late reply and Thanks for your answer.
Although it doesn't have this feature. I see some reviewer in youtube talked that the zenfone 2 battery life increased than 1st gen.
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