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[Experience Sharing] How to transfer contacts and data from your previous mobile/smart phone

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Tap on the Data Transfer app in the Apps drawer of Zenfone and it will open theTransfer Wizard as shown below:
Note : Data Transfer app is only available in the Kitkat ROM version in Zenfones.

Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-57-17.jpg           Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-57-23.jpg

This app will help you transfer your contacts and old data from your earlier hand held devices to Zenfone easily.

Tap on Transfer wizard and it will open up options to select your earlier device as shown below with options to select as per brand and model number:

Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-57-39.jpg Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-57-45.jpg Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-58-01.jpg

After you select the device you will be asked to enable Bluetooth on both the devices. Tap on Next to begin pairing the device. Please make sure that you turned on the visibility option for your devices to pair successfully.

Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-58-42.jpg              Screenshot_2015-03-24-20-58-52.jpg

After the devices are paired you can easily send the Contacts data the from  your earlier device to your Zenfone successfully.

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You can transfer data from the old phone to current phone with free tools like Smart Switch, Sony Xperia Transfer, Switch to iPhone and etc. These data transfer apps are all free designed by phone manufacturers.  Or you can transfer data between smartphones with third-party tools such as Gihosoft mobile transfer.
I found that the phone data transfer tool is a good choice, that can support data transfer from ios devices to android phones on pc or Mac computer, you can select the data you need, and view them on pc clearly, have a look at this phone to phone transfer , you can also transfer other data such like text messages, photos with it.  Detaild guide, transfer contacts from android to android.
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To transfer data between two mobile phones, you can use a mobile transfer app to help, this kind of app could transfer data between phones in different os and different types.
how to transfer data from android to iphone
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Actually, there are many methods for you to transfer data, like contacts, photos, videos from the previous phone to  a new one. Fox example, using phone transfer tool to transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone.
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Android Mobile Manager can help you manage your Android effectively, it can backup your contacts and restore on another Android. You just need install it to backup or export your contacts to computer first.
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You can transfer data from Android to Android free by using a Phone to Phone Transfer app. Phone to Phone Transfer enables you to transfer contacts, messages, calendars, notes, photos, videos, music files and so on. The operation is direct and simple. You just need to connect the two Android phones respectively to the computer and you can transfer data directly.

transfer data from Android to Android free

transfer data from Android to Android free

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Transfer contacts should be the most important thing on your to-do list after you make a switch from one phone to another. To save you from typing the phone numbers one by one manually, you can try a third-party Android contacts transferring tool to accomplish the contacts transfer with ease.
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