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        Notes taking are happening all the time every day! While you are meeting in office, doing window-shopping, reading, etc., ASUS Super Note provides a good note taking experience and helps you solve the daily notes taking activity

  •                 Rich input methods:Keyboard, handwriting, or drawing. Just pick one method that best fit the information you want to take note
  •                 Various attachment formats:Photo, Audio, Video, Text File, Time Stamp, Stamp, and Shape formats are supported. You can take a note with rich content type
  •                 Notebook management functions:Lock / unlock notebook, reorder pages, and edit notebook cover. Also, you can select different template of notebook to fulfill different purpose of notes
  •                 Sync and share:you can sync your notebooks via ASUS cloud storage to access it anytime, on any devices, and you can also share your notebook with your family or friends by mail, Facebook, IM…etc
        Enjoy your life and record everything by using ASUS Super Note

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