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[Software/Firmware] What are in Power management “prevent the device from being waked up"?

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"Prevent the device from being waked up" means prevent the device which is in deep sleep from being waked up by applications.        "Prevent the device from keeping awake" means prevent the device from keeping awake caused by applications after the screen is off.

Steps:Go to [Settings] -> [Power management] -> [Power Consumption Table] and tap any application.
        Scroll down the page to the bottom and you will find the two functions of "prevent the device from being waked up" and "prevent the device from keeping awake".

        The system may be waked up from deep sleep by some applications. Those applications which wake for a long time is the main reason the system is unable to be in deep sleep mode. Therefore, we can check if there are applications that wake up the device frequently from deep sleep mode by the statistics of "Wake up device" and "Keep awake" in Power Consumption Table.

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