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[Connection/Signal] ZenFone:Troubleshooting issues making or receiving calls

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Please follow the steps below:
1. Verify airplane mode is turned off:
        When this mode is on, your ZenFone can't make or receive calls or text messages, or access data services such as email or the Internet.
        Tap Settings > More… > Uncheck to turn off Airplane mode.

2. Check your SIM card settings:
        Tap Settings > Dual SIM card settings > Check the SIM card you wish to use.

3. Make sure your device has at least 2 bars of signal.
        Weak signal strength may make it difficult to make or receive calls.

4. Try to restart your device.
        Press and hold the Power key for 2-3 seconds > Tap Restart

5. Try to reset your device.
Note: Once reset was performed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted after initialization.
        Tap Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Enter your PIN or password > Erase everything

        If the above steps don't resolve the issue, please contact ASUS Customer Center for help.

This information may not suitable for all the products from the same category/series. Some of the screen shots and operations could be different from the software versions.
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