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[Replied] [System] Where are the updates??? (Once more)

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tiago.lucent OTHERS Level 2 | All posts
ASUS 5 Bug Report
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: 16.0615.1912.115
Frequency of Occurrence: Constantly
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Hi Asus.
More than 2 months and no updates for our ZenFone 5.
It's plenty clear that the phone still present many bugs and needs urgent fixing. Definely that's not fair.
At least once, is there someone who can be sincere?
What is going on? Is that the end of line for ZF5? Are you experiencing some problem and it is causing some delay? Is there no professionals for software building / debugging / testing?
Please, at least once I'm begging to not to get a short and "copy n' paste" answer just to mark it as answered.
Please, be sincere with us. Many people spent so many time posting many things because they consider, they like Asus. And more, they need to be respected.
Please, be sincere. And with this, people may open their eyes and then stop to stay here talking to the wind, waiting for a miracle.
I'm really disappointed with Asus. I really tought that it should be different. What a shame. I'm really regretful.

TUR Level 1 | All posts
TÜRKİYE'DE asus ikinci el alanyok ZE620KL(ZenFone 5)   Android 10 güncelleme  yok  asus seni alkışlıyorum 🙉🙈👏👏👏👏
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi tiago.lucent,

Thank you for waiting.
We're sorry that we don't have any information to share with you at this moment.
However, once there is an update available we'll make an announcement on our website:

Thanks for your understanding.
BRA Level 1 | All posts
Gentlemen, we will soon have an update, but not for android 10. The following FOTA file came out on the support page of the new zentalk: ZE620KL_WW_16.0615.2002.120. I believe that in the coming days we will be the new patch.
TUR Level 1 | All posts
Bunu neye dayanarak söylüyorsun
TUR Level 1 | All posts
emredurannnn kardeşim adam brezilyadan yazıyor ve ingilizce yazmış ana dili olmamasına rağmen sen adama Türkçe karşılık vermişsin. Türk olduğunu bu kadar belli etme
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi all,

A new firmware update version WW-16.0615.2002.120 has been released.
You may update to the latest firmware version by checking in Settings > System > System update.
You may also manually download from our website:
How to update firmware:

Thank you and have a nice day
TUR Level 1 | All posts
Kmerteren hahaha Turk heryer de Türk 😂
CHN Level 2 | All posts
Please speak English. In this way, nobody evaluates your problem.
TUR Level 1 | All posts
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