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[Replied] Bugs and problems in Android 10 update

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For now, the current version of Android 10 is fully usable.

I agree with you, I didn't even notice battery drain problems.
ASUS has done a good job 👍
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1. Uneven notch cutout and bottom screen corner cutout
2. Apps like YouTube force closes during playing video.
3. Distorted sound through headphones.
4. Screen brightness fluctuates when auto brightness is in action.
5. Weird vibration in haptic feedback and weird vibration when unlocking via fingerprint.
6. Front camera video recording doesn't stop.
7. Camera quality is very bad compared to Android 9
8. Gesture navigation is not smooth
9. Overall UI is laggy and not smooth like it was in Android 9 pie.

These all Problem Exist for me
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We would like to inform you that Beta versions are meant for testing and you may face several bugs until you receive the stable version. Thanks for highlighting the issue. We have made a note of it and have forwarded it to the concerned department.
battery is not charging speedly , and draining speed,i third time upgraded to andriod 10 and same issue
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any news about stable 10 update? 
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