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[Replied] Bugs in Android 10 Beta Max pro m2

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simagayen18 IND Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone 4 Bug Report
ZF Model: ZB630KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_Phone-17.2018.1912.409-20200114
Frequency of Occurrence: Null
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Last edited by simagayen18 on 2020/2/1 18:48

1) There is a large gap between the navigation bar and bottom of any app. System app like settings, message etc works fine after the updat,e app like whats app files go phone dialer have issues. ( When we use the gesture navigation)
2) There are always 2 popup notification in the settings which says to enable face unlock and etc but i have enabled the face unlock option. Same goes with the customise wallpaper and more notifications in the settings. We cant remove this notification in the settings.
3) Dark mode is not working properly i mean its not black everywhere(looks grey). Please make it black like the notification pannel in setting, dialer, message and 3rd parties app. Google assistant doesn't work in dark mode too.(don't have idea how dark mode works in stock android)
4) Whats app call notification- when someone calls you in whats app you can answer that call from the notification pannel but you can't hang up the call and after hang up the notification doesn't disappears you have to froce close the application.
5) quick reply ( suggestions of notifications reply) only works with the message application. Its doesn't works with whats app
6) Smart reply function is not supported in the device i don't why. You will find that option in setting but nothing happens when you click it.( Jeat search the settings)
7) There is no adaptive battery
8) sometime my phone feels slow i mean after clicking something its takes time for the action. Doesn't happen always but sometimes
9) sometimes i get a popup notification that a certain app is running it automatically vanishes so hard to take screenshot. Like -'Gradeup is running', 'Hotstar is running'.
but i didn't opened the app and the app is restricted for background use
10) Please add more fronts.
11) live captions feature is not working which i have enabled is the settings
12) need more optimization in the bottom of the screen. It looks wired
13) There is no more widevine L1 support. So we cant watch Netflix and amazon videos in HD

My experience on Problems that other people faced-

Well i am not a good sound expert so cant tell about the sound quality. But its seems ok for me i don't have any issues. Also Bluetooth works fine with me
Charging speed is also normal it takes about 3 hrs to charge from 15% to 100% . SORRY I cant share the SS as i forget to take it in the first place. And about the battery backup i have shared a SS so you are the judge to decide. Well i am not a heavy user and i dont play games. I can say the brightness was is all possible condition. I used it in sunlight, dark room, normal light room so i got this time of SOT(mentioned in the SS)
And Peoples complaining about the curve line in the bottom conner of the screen. I think its for the Google assistant. I have seen the curve lines in the nokia phones so i would say that those are no bugs
I dont have any problems in payment. I have used gpay, amazon pay, phone pay, paytm. But in some UPI app you have to login again.

Still testing if i find anymore bugs i will share it with you  

For moderators- please unban my personal acc with user id Riju9547, email-
I am sorry for the bad words i have used so please unban my account. I really need it.
Thanks for testing, great job!

In my opinion real BUG i real life is the last one: 13) There is no more widevine L1 support. So we cant watch Netflix and amazon videos in HD

3) and 9) on my phone are OK

Other in my opinion are only cosmetic things

It should be noted that in general Android 10 works much more efficiently than version 9. The battery lasts longer and the system performance is noticeably better. I look forward to patches so that everything works perfectly. ASUS, we are counting on quick corrections and further updates !!!
IND Level 1 | All posts
No default file explorer application
IND Level 1 | All posts
The earpiece sound is as it was like before...... Very slow...And the earphone audio jack like weird creepy...very bad...4G sign like big bold symbol...Not properly rounded HD content does not support...Gcam sticks on processing HDR image...
m.bibhu94 posted on 2020/2/1 19:12
No default file explorer application

It is Google Files Explorer.
On the other side you can install all you want from Play Store
ansarisaeed28 posted on 2020/2/1 20:52
The earpiece sound is as it was like before...... Very slow...And the earphone audio jack like weird ...

I don't have problem with Cam. Did you activate dev option in stock cam?

Gcam officially doesn't work in our phone.
simagayen18 IND Level 1 | All posts
ansarisaeed28 posted on 2020/2/2 00:52
The earpiece sound is as it was like before...... Very slow...And the earphone audio jack like weird ...

I like the 4G symbol. And for the GCam use version 7.2 parrot V1 stable. It works fine for me
simagayen18 IND Level 1 | All posts
m.bibhu94 posted on 2020/2/1 23:12
No default file explorer application

Files go is the official file explorer of android 10 nokia phones also have files go as there default file explorer.. And i don't know why you are complaining about it the previous file explorer was no good it has many issues with the copy and paste.
I personally use solid explorer which i like the most. But its a paid application you have to pay Rs10-20 for ad free experience.
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Please increase sound from speaker, earphones and bluetooth
IND Level 1 | All posts
There is A big bug in Android 10Connect your earphone's to your Mobile phone and Reboot The phone and play anything instantly after roboot and all is good.And look at top left corner or you phone and one voicemail symbol will appear and suddenly after that notification the sound is feels like shit.
Check this.
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