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[Replied] Game genie & sevreral issue's i m facing in new update

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ASUS 5 Bug Report
Model: ZE620KL
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Rooted: No
APP Name: Game genie
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Last edited by chandansorenforce00legion on 2019/12/23 10:53

1) The audio is fine if i don't turn my mic on so i can talk with my teamates but if i turn it on the audio quality become worse on game genie which is the issue on android 10 and i was still facing issues while my games on Android 9 also on when i turn my mic off because of something the audio of my teamates audio is gone and i can't hear them which made it hard for me to record gameplay as i can't talk with my buddies
I hope you guy's try to fix it with another update

2) why did you guy's removed the screenshot option by clicking the ram management button it was good
I don't want that my volume button and power button stop working after few weeks or months just because i pressed them over and over again for screenshot

3) app drawer on the Android 9 was best why the heck you guy's made it bad now it seems kinda mess and worse to see all them in 1 line and cant even find your app  easily i don't wanna to the search the app thing all the time look on the left pic it's easy to remember in which side the app is but on the right you have to do '↕️⬇️⬆️ this'  i don't have any screenshot of the previous  version so i posted the homescreen one cuz that's the only place where it is now 😑
Last edited by chandansorenforce00legion on 2019/12/23 10:51

(So now it's top to bottom scenario i don't know about this) the left pic is in the bottom and the right pic is on the top

Game genie issue's on android 9 was that when i start recording (as usual i turn the mic off else not teamates audio) and after it start i turn the mic on and after that i can't turn it back off else i can't hear my teamates
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1. Can you share a video so that we can try to duplicate under same scenario.

2. There are multiple ways of taking a screenshot on the latest software version:
i. Pull down the notification drawer => Tap on screenshot
ii. Go to settings => Advanced => Screenshot = You can customize from there

3. That's UI which we have currently taken, we can take your feedback but it depends how many users choose to have a different App drawer style.
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