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[Chat] Asus 5z Android 10 bugs & unsolved issues

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edwin4494 IND Level 2 | All posts
ranesanket90 posted on 2019/12/6 08:17
there are no scaling issue every single application works fine i have used VLC and MX player

its is ...

I like to watch videos in full screen without the notch area. I was able to do that in 9 but now i can't. The standard mode of mx player in App scaling settings avoids notch but it also avoids the navigation bar area. I checked with different versions of mx & vlc but the results were same
In gallery,It is not showing all the photos
nikhil.vishe400 posted on 2019/12/6 12:36
In gallery,It is not showing all the photos

Go to other albums there u will see all other photos
Last edited by devganiyachintan on 2019/12/6 17:53

94% to 19%. I think Android system is draining more battery in 10 than pie. What screen time you all are getting?
Display colour mode : Standard
Location, Auto Brightness are OFF
apart from above
1. No native video calling found.
2. Jio4g voice call app not working.
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screen recording for games works but the in game mic got glitched automatically your team cannot listen your voice recording is working fine please fix this issue and one more thing while recording you cannot of off the mic after on or not on the mic after on the recorder is not working in this situation please work on it you asus the manufacturer of rog and yhis time of solly glitch comes in your phone its sameless please work on it and fix it as soon as possible

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edwin4494 posted on 2019/12/6 11:33
Navigation Gestures/Navigation Bar "works" once you
answered the call.
The problem I'm saying is  ...

Asus needs to show small calling screen rather than whole screen while using phone. This feature is present even in oldest android lollipop.
rajat360.rv posted on 2019/12/7 08:13
Asus needs to show small calling screen rather than whole screen while using phone. This feature i ...

It's already showing in small screen like pop-up notification while using apps.
roy.dipendu.1995 posted on 2019/12/5 23:12
on lock screen there is a icon of camera but whenever you slide that icon to open camera there is wh ...

same here front camera lgas only black screen appears
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After android 10 update,
1) battery draining fast then pie
2) Twin apps not working
3) for outdoor mode option need to go for status bar
Advanced mode
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