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[Replied] [Signal/ Connection] One of the sim cards does not see the nextwork

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ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZE520KL
Firmware/App Version: I don't know
Location: France
Frequency of Occurrence: Non stop
Rooted: Yes
App Name: -
Description: One of the dual sim cards does not see the nextwork.
For almost 3 years, I had 2 SIM cards (1 Russian and 1 French) working without a problem.

This time I went to Russia and changed the Russian SIM card to another one. The French SIM card did not work in Russia as it does not work in roaming. The new Russian SIM card perfectly worked. When I came back to France, my French SIM card is working again, but the Russian one does not and it should. I checked it on another phone and it was working there with no problem. On ASUS, I tried to put SIM cards in different slots, but regardless of the slot the Russian one does not work. It is recognized by the system (it's number and operator name are shown), but it does not see the network.

I also reset the phone to factory settings, but it did not help.

My Russian operator says that there is no problem with my roaming and the SIM card should be working. As I said, on another device it is indeed working. Something is wrong with the ASUS.

I already saw this thread - - that seems to have the same problem, but I did not find any answer there.

Please help.

Thank you.
Oh yes, my phone is not rooted, It was a mistake.
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Hi valeria.gorchakova,

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