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ZenFone Max Pro M2 [REVIEW]

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for the past few weeks using this zenfonemax pro m2 i really proved it that this is the battery king on its league. I'm an online gamer and the battery of the phone is one of the factor that affect to me when buying a new phone. With 5000mah, i can play Mobile Legend for more than 5hours with a single full charge using Data Mode with youtube and other stuff. I also used it in regular basis like fb, youtube, call and txt with no online game it took 5 days for a single charged to drain. About the processor, RAM and graphics of this phone the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 + Adreno 512 with 6gb of RAM i can play mobile legend in highest settings take note i played also ragnarok eternal love and need for speed no limits in smooth and almost flawless in game. Certainly this zenfonemax pro m2 is one of the beast in mid range category.
here is my numerical evaluation of zenfone max pro m2 from 1 to 10 based on my experience using this phone:

design: 8
camera: 8
battery: 10
performance: 9

NOTE:  this evaluation and review are based on my personal experienced on using the phone and it varies each one of us cause we have different point if views towards the phone.

Thank you and more power..

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