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[Replied] [Camera] Zenfone3 ZE520KL Rear Camera Blurry - Solution

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shinglong.tan MYS Level 1 | All posts
ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZE520KL
Firmware/App Version: Latest
Location: -
Frequency of Occurrence: -
Rooted: No
App Name: -
Screenshot: -
Description: Solution to blurry camera
Hi Folks,

I am sharing my solution to the blurry camera here. I can't be sure that this is a permanent solution as I only tried out for 2 days and still monitoring. So far so good. So if you guys are having the same issue, no harm to give a shot and share if it works for you so that all Zenfone3 users would be benefited

Tried a few method where other recommended, like pointing to laser, clearing cache, reduce memory, clear RAM, shake the phone, putting some clear liquid on the lens and forced the camera to calibrate itself but nothing seemed permanent. It worked well for a while but if I restarted the phone, the problem will come back again. It was very annoying. So forget about doing all these stupid non-working things.. Whenever my friend see me trying to take a picture, I always have to tell them that Dr put a sticker to "shake well before use". Damn.. Paying money with QR code was a pain that most of the time I would rather to settle with cash eventually.

And then, so happened that I came across the "secret code" to enter into device test mode on youtube and decided to play around with it. Then I unintentionally fixed the camera problem. It works well after a multiple times of restarting. I think it will somewhat recalibrate the camera according to the latest firmware in the test mode. Try this.

1) Open up the calculator app
2) Enter .12345+=
3) You will come to a test screen -> select Single Test
4) Select Main Camera Capture Test
5) Follow the steps to take a picture, make sure it Pass the test.
6) Once completed, exit by pressing back key
7) Now try on your camera.
8) Restart phone and try again and again and any time you miss your phone, just pick it up to snap a photo again. Lol..

Good luck and happy trying

MYS Level 6 | All posts
Yup, shaking the phone will fix the issue.

Or you can contact ASUS Malaysia to get the camera replacement for free

I replaced mine and the lens work perfectly fine. photo_2018-12-29_09-41-26.jpg
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