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[Replied] [Mobile Desktop Dock] Mobile Dock PC display passthough not working

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sutty101 IRL Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by sutty101 on 2019/3/20 05:32

When I connect my laptop to the display input port (display port on the left hand side beside the microusb port) switching to PC mode on the dock I get no output to my monitor. I have checked the cable and it came from a working system. HDMI to display port. Anything else that can be done?

Directly connecting monitor to laptop works. So it is not the HDMI to HDMI connection or a laptop issue.

This is the first time I have tried the passthough as I had to wait to get the HDMI to displayport cable.

TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi sutty101,

Could you check have you connected USB Micro-B to your laptop as well?
Please note that you would need to connect both DisplayPort and USB Micro-B to your laptop.
For more details, you may check: Mobile Desktop Dock multilanguage E-manual

If there are any other questions, you may let me know
sutty101 IRL Level 1 | All posts
Hi Jei,
Yes the Micro USB port and display ports are connected at the same time. The Audio passthough works for the microusb as well as use of the Keyboard and mouse connected to the doc. As well as the phones storage mouths. But the display does not work.

TWN Moderator | All posts
sutty101 posted on 2019/3/20 17:35
Hi Jei,
Yes the Micro USB port and display ports are connected at the same time. The Audio passthoug ...

Hi sutty101,

We would suggest you try connecting to another laptop or desktop, or try with another cable.
If the problem is still appearing, please contact local service for a further examination.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

sutty101 IRL Level 1 | All posts
Hello Jei,
Took me a couple of days to get my hands on some different stuff for testing. I have done the following and found the following

Old laptop: HP Probook 450G3
New Laptop: HP Probook 450G5 (Brand new and unboxed for test)
New screen
New cables:
2 different working HDMI to display port (One for input and one for output)
One HDMI to HDMI (Output)

If I connect the HDMI to the display input port on the left with the USB cable and HDMI to HDMI to the monitor.
I get no passthough display output off ether of the laptops the laptops but the phone output works ok. Directly connecting to the laptops HDMI port works for the screen. So not a settings or cable issue relating to display extension or replication (tested both settings)

If I change the output port from the HDMI to the display port on the back. I get no output from the phone or the laptop. Looks to be faulty display ports.

Does the Mobile dock need to be RMA'd? It is only 1 week old at this stage.

Ciarán Goodwin
sutty101 IRL Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by sutty101 on 2019/3/22 23:11

I am after calling and logging a ticket with the Ireland/UK support center. But they will not honor the warranty on the Dock as I purchased it from a Taiwan eshop on Ebay. They said I have to return it to them as its a local warranty only. Not a global one.

But as asus have been so poor at releasing accessories in the UK and Ireland (The twin-view dock is the only one) I had no choice but to go to an other local.

I have spent well over 1300 Euro on this phone, game vice controller and Mobile Dock. But yet cant get anything replaced. I am really annoyed over this. The dock did not break after a while. It came faulty. This is a manufacture issue but it wont be supported by my local service provider. You would think with the money people are spending on this phone and its hard to get accessories. You would have a better support model. I would understand if the accessories were readily available to me to by locally. But there not. Can something please be done about this. This is the second hardware issue I have logged and will not be fixed

(see my post on the aero active cooler) I was not able to get a replacement under warranty or just to purchase. They are also not available from any parts or replacement shops.

So back to my Mobile Dock. I would like this to be looked into. I can provide the reference number from the call.

So as it stands, I have no cooler and a dock that only does half of what it meant to be doing. I am dreading having a hardware fault on the phone now.

Please consider this an offical complaint about hardware support

TWN Moderator | All posts
sutty101 posted on 2019/3/22 23:10
I am after calling and logging a ticket with the Ireland/UK support center. But they will not h ...

Hi sutty101,

Please make sure the DisPlay port cables are functioning on other devices,
and make sure you have plugged in the charger for Mobile Desktop Dock,
also make sure you have switched to PC mode by pressing the Operation Mode Button on the front of the Mobile Desktop Dock.
螢幕擷取畫面 (302).png

If the problem still appears, we would suggest you apply for a refund on the store you purchased it from, or you may have to apply for an RMA.
Please note that warranty would only be provided in your purchase country or the country the product is shipped from if purchasing online.
Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
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